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Book Review: Den of Sorrows, by Quinn Loftis. (Book 9 of the Grey Wolf Series).

Another fabulous addition to the series, book 9 Den of Sorrows sees us back with the usual group of mated werewolves attempting to save the world from evil once more. This time the threat is one which none of them believed could happen, since Vampires were supposed to be extinct or at least very close to it.

The book begins with our favourite three girls reprimanding their mates for hiding things by closing their bonds. Jen is happily enjoying motherhood with her daughter Thia, Sally continues to learn her gypsy craft, and Jacque is eight months pregnant and almost ready to pop! There is no wonder the males decide to heed Vasile’s orders to refrain from telling their mates about the latest threat, especially since the evil is targeting innocent children. 

Perizada and the other supernatural races also lend a hand in the latest war that they have been called upon to fight. They find themselves flashing all over the United States with the high fae in order to carry out strategic manoeuvres against their enemies. But of course the war is not the only thing that overshadows the group. Jacque goes into labour whilst in a cave, and joins Jen’s club of giving birth in awkward places! Thankfully the girls are altogether so they are able to help Jacque through the labour, though naturally things don’t go as planned. Jacque loses a lot of blood, and both her and Fane’s life hang in the balance. 

Thankfully there is an authors note at the end of this novel letting readers know that there is another book to come. There are a lot of loose ends from this instalment that really need to be cleared up! Not to mention what on earth is going to happen to Sally??? That was a twist that I wasn’t expecting in the least. 

Again Quinn Loftis has delivered us another brilliant addition to the Grey Wolf series, and has kept me heartily entertain d throughout. The rating for this book is 7/10 stars and recommended for young to mid teens.


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Book Review: Luna of mine, by Quinn Loftis. (Book 8 of the Grey Wolf series.)

The eighth book of this series takes a different direction to the rest, taking us back through history before the merging of the Romanian packs, to a time when Vasile had yet to find his mate. Alina takes advantage of the ALL girls vacation to tell her story in the hopes to share wisdom and give them the insight and strength they will need being mated to such dominant males. 

Alina begins the story when she was merely 16 years old and the pack Alphas of the time had ‘moved on’ to their next life. These Alphas were none other than Vasile’s parents. Alina reflects on their first meeting and the first time he used their bond to talk with her, and how her father thought it best she wait till she was of age before completing the mate bond. Alina tells the girls of Vasile’s exile and how he regained what was his. Even the Fae Perizada popped up a few times giving us the sense she much older than anyone could fathom!

Although I thoroughly enjoyed this story I felt there was much less of the usual atmosphere that usually created in these novels. It’s really goes to show that the the three American girls really make the story unique. What sarcasm and humour was added would have been difficult to add in due to the scene set for the storyline. However the story of Vasile and Alina was fantastic even without the sarcastic extras. 

Despite this novel not being the favourite of this series I still give it a ranking of 7/10 stars and recommend this book to young to mid teens.