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Book Review: Just one drop, by Quinn Loftis. (Book 3 of The Grey Wolf series.)

Just one drop is the third book in the Grey Wolf series, and has actually surpassed any expectations. When I first began this series I was thinking that perhaps I had set myself up for a typical teenage romance novel disguising itself as a sci fi fantasy novel. But the supernatural themes are well thought out and written which has led to an interesting and addictive storyline. 
This third instalment has continued on with the story of Fane and Jacque, but has switched the focus onto the wolf packs Beta Decebel and one of Jacque’s best friends, the loud mouthed Jen. After the revelation of Jen having werewolf blood and that she was in fact something known as a “dormant”, Decebel has found he is attracted to her but the usual mating signs had not shown even though they had spent a number of months in each other’s company, thus leaving the pair confused as to wether their feelings were of true Mates or merely an infatuation. 

Meanwhile other worldly pack leaders have organised what could possibly be the Romanian packs downfall disguised as a mercy mission to help unmated wolves find their Mate. Vasile has every right to be wary of this meeting of packs as he might find that he is dealing with deceitful alpha wolves who’s intentions are not as “pure” as they let on in public.

There is also a destiny for Sally intertwined with the werewolves. Who knew Sally could turn out to be such a rare commodity! The author has not only intertwined the characters an bound them together, but has also opened the storyline for future novel possibilities. Not to mention adding further intrigue for readers to relish!

I have to admit the writer has improved the style of how the novels are written and given everything more depth as each novel unfolds. I am not ashamed to admit that this series wasn’t something I was going to really recommend. But the more I read the more I feel I am changing my mind. Still I feel this series is suitable for young to mid teens and I give it the rating of 6.5/10.


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