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Book Review: The Reflections of Queen Snow White, by David Meredith (2013).

Fairytales are told to us as children, stories to teach us morals and fill us with joy. Always beginning with a desperate province, resolved regally, and its characters end with a “happily ever after”. But have you ever wondered what happened next? Did the happily ever after continue? The novel, The Reflections of Queen Snow White, authored by David Meredith, is a novel that looks at such things and gives a possible view of what could have been the story which the fairytale had been based on.
It begins with Snow White, now Queen, safe from the horrors of her past, but miserable all the same. Snow White did live her happily ever after, but all happily ever afters must eventually end. The queen, much older now, mother to a beautiful daughter and widow to King Charming, mourns for her loss, living in deep despair. No one is able to pull her from her deep depression not even the last remaining dwarf and dearest friend. But fairy tales just wouldn’t be fairytales without a bit of magic and a lot of luck, and the author has not failed to include this.

It isn’t long before Snow White is faced with her past, and all that it entailed. The sorrowful death of her father, the horror abuse of an evil step mother, life amongst the dwarves, and last but not least life with Charming. However, we are not spared the horrific details of each event like the fairytale of Snow White that we all know and love. Instead we see a brutal truth through her eyes, and glimpse what may have been. 

I enjoyed reflecting with Snow White, the author giving an old fairytale a new look, although the initial storyline is already known, the depths to the tale make for a refreshing change to the story. The story gives even depicts its own moral to it being that there is always hope one just need sought after it. Great twist to a timeless piece. 

Overall I believe that The Reflections of Queen Snow White, by David Meredith, is a very good adaptation of a favourite fairytale and well worth the read. I recommend this novel to adults especially anyone who loved the book as a child, and give the book the rating of 7/10 stars. I look forward to more from this author.


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Book Review: The Goddess of Legend, by P. C. Cast 2010. (The Goddess Summoning series).

Although skeptical about this volume of the “Goddess Summoning Series”, The Goddess of Legend has in fact turned out to be my favorite book by P. C. Cast so far. This book delves into mythology in a direction that I viewed as difficult to recreate but in fact the author has done amazing job intertwining myth with modern society once again.

The Goddess of Legend delves into history of King Arthur and his knights of the round table, and sees a modern mortal woman summoned by the Goddess of the lake to pursue the task of saving her beloved Merlin by changing the fates of both King Arthur and his wife Guinevere. P. C. Cast creates an imaginative story line which places the modern-day “Isabel” in the path of King Arthur and his knight Lancelot in hopes to discourage the infidelity of Gwen, however instead of Isabel intervening between Lancelot and Guinevere, finds herself falling in love with King Arthur himself.
The twists and turns of this novel gives a new romantic view of the original mythology and is accompanied by humor that kept the giggles bursting out unexpectedly and was overall an absolute delight to read. Overall I feel the author has out done herself with this novel. Rating wise I give the book 7.5/10. It’s a fantastic read for young and old, and I believe even those with Aomori sense of humor would find it difficult to be amused at some of the comical antics within.

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Book Review (re-edit): The Goddess of Love by P. C. Cast 2007 Goddess summoning series.

The Goddess of Love has to be my all time favorite of the series. By Aries rock hard buttocks, the humor is just fantastic. The Goddess of love, who prefers the name Venus to her Greek chosen name, finally allows herself to find love in a mortal man. While her husband, the God of fire, finds true love in the human which she has sworn to help.
The overall humor and general story line is fabulous. I found almost impossible to put down  after being spun into an amazing tale. As a rating I will have to give the book 9/10. Basically this book I rate up with the best of them. Entertaining beyond words, the humor had me in stitches. I really hope the author continues to use this special gift of amusement in future novels. She really has a way with words. Truly great stuff.


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Book Review (re-edit): The Goddess of the Rose, by P. C. Cast 2006. The Goddess Summoning Series.

This addition to the Goddess summoning series is based on the whole “beauty and the beast” fairy tale which happens to my favorites from when I was a little girl. I guess in a way this makes me bias with this story since I honestly adored this book. P. C. Cast has delivered an amazing adaptation and used Hecate and Asterius to help delve into the mythical and magical realm of the ancient Greek Gods using the timeless tale of Beauty and the Beast.

The books main character is Mikado Empousa, who discovers that her name denotes her as one of the High Priestess’ of Hecate, the ancient Greek Goddess. Mikado finds out that this is the source of the magic in her blood, and that she is the last of her line. When Hecate gifts Mikado with this knowledge and that of the Kingdom of the Rose, she feels compelled to help her, even though she really doesn’t know what to expect her, even though she really doesn’t know what to expect. The role and character of Hecate really gives the book of mythology feel, and with the whole story outline based on fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast, the story has an incredibly magical feel to it, P. C. Cast has out done herself with this addition to the series. I have enjoyed the whole series but this book has to be my favorite so far. Usually I am not a fan of perfectly happy endings, but in this particular installment the happy ending was welcome. Overall, I give this book a rating 8.5/10. I recommend this book to anyone who likes a bit of romance and some ancient Greek Mythology. Suited for young adults and up.


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Book Review (re-edit): Goddess of the Sea, by P. C. Cast 2003. Goddess summoning series.

The Goddess summoning series, authored by P. C. Cast are becoming some of my all time favorite books. They link some of my favorite topics such as mythology, with modern people and during modern times. My latest read, The Goddess of the Sea is no exception. Although this particular novel was a little slow to begin, it holds all of the wonderful characteristics found in the Goddess summoning series.

In this installment, we find ourselves transported to medieval Europe where merpeople still exist and magic still infuses the world. Christine, a modern day woman belonging to the United States Air Force, finds herself transported to this world unintentionally after the cargo carrier she was aboard crashed ungracefully into the ocean. She may have asked for magic in her life but not quite like this!

Christine learns what it was like for women who lived in medieval times and how they were repressed in a myriad of ways. Not only is a woman’s inherent beauty frowned upon and considered evil in its own right, but their thoughts and words have no bearing on the patriarchal rule of the times. She also learns that although men are the rulers of the times. She also learns that although men are the rulers of these times, women have their own magic still, hidden in daily life and known as the Divine Feminine.

Overall I found this particular book a nice addition to the set, and a great read. Admittedly I did find it slow to begin, but as I continued to read found the magic that P. C. Cast weaves within her words. The endings twist is also a nice surprise, and I found gives the book an uplifting aura. I have to give this novel 7.5/10. Again P. C. Cast has added yet another great read to the shelves!