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Book Review (re-edit): Goddess of the Sea, by P. C. Cast 2003. Goddess summoning series.

The Goddess summoning series, authored by P. C. Cast are becoming some of my all time favorite books. They link some of my favorite topics such as mythology, with modern people and during modern times. My latest read, The Goddess of the Sea is no exception. Although this particular novel was a little slow to begin, it holds all of the wonderful characteristics found in the Goddess summoning series.

In this installment, we find ourselves transported to medieval Europe where merpeople still exist and magic still infuses the world. Christine, a modern day woman belonging to the United States Air Force, finds herself transported to this world unintentionally after the cargo carrier she was aboard crashed ungracefully into the ocean. She may have asked for magic in her life but not quite like this!

Christine learns what it was like for women who lived in medieval times and how they were repressed in a myriad of ways. Not only is a woman’s inherent beauty frowned upon and considered evil in its own right, but their thoughts and words have no bearing on the patriarchal rule of the times. She also learns that although men are the rulers of the times. She also learns that although men are the rulers of these times, women have their own magic still, hidden in daily life and known as the Divine Feminine.

Overall I found this particular book a nice addition to the set, and a great read. Admittedly I did find it slow to begin, but as I continued to read found the magic that P. C. Cast weaves within her words. The endings twist is also a nice surprise, and I found gives the book an uplifting aura. I have to give this novel 7.5/10. Again P. C. Cast has added yet another great read to the shelves!


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