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Book Review (re-edit): The Goddess of the Rose, by P. C. Cast 2006. The Goddess Summoning Series.

This addition to the Goddess summoning series is based on the whole “beauty and the beast” fairy tale which happens to my favorites from when I was a little girl. I guess in a way this makes me bias with this story since I honestly adored this book. P. C. Cast has delivered an amazing adaptation and used Hecate and Asterius to help delve into the mythical and magical realm of the ancient Greek Gods using the timeless tale of Beauty and the Beast.

The books main character is Mikado Empousa, who discovers that her name denotes her as one of the High Priestess’ of Hecate, the ancient Greek Goddess. Mikado finds out that this is the source of the magic in her blood, and that she is the last of her line. When Hecate gifts Mikado with this knowledge and that of the Kingdom of the Rose, she feels compelled to help her, even though she really doesn’t know what to expect her, even though she really doesn’t know what to expect. The role and character of Hecate really gives the book of mythology feel, and with the whole story outline based on fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast, the story has an incredibly magical feel to it, P. C. Cast has out done herself with this addition to the series. I have enjoyed the whole series but this book has to be my favorite so far. Usually I am not a fan of perfectly happy endings, but in this particular installment the happy ending was welcome. Overall, I give this book a rating 8.5/10. I recommend this book to anyone who likes a bit of romance and some ancient Greek Mythology. Suited for young adults and up.


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