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Book Review: The Goddess of Legend, by P. C. Cast 2010. (The Goddess Summoning series).

Although skeptical about this volume of the “Goddess Summoning Series”, The Goddess of Legend has in fact turned out to be my favorite book by P. C. Cast so far. This book delves into mythology in a direction that I viewed as difficult to recreate but in fact the author has done amazing job intertwining myth with modern society once again.

The Goddess of Legend delves into history of King Arthur and his knights of the round table, and sees a modern mortal woman summoned by the Goddess of the lake to pursue the task of saving her beloved Merlin by changing the fates of both King Arthur and his wife Guinevere. P. C. Cast creates an imaginative story line which places the modern-day “Isabel” in the path of King Arthur and his knight Lancelot in hopes to discourage the infidelity of Gwen, however instead of Isabel intervening between Lancelot and Guinevere, finds herself falling in love with King Arthur himself.
The twists and turns of this novel gives a new romantic view of the original mythology and is accompanied by humor that kept the giggles bursting out unexpectedly and was overall an absolute delight to read. Overall I feel the author has out done herself with this novel. Rating wise I give the book 7.5/10. It’s a fantastic read for young and old, and I believe even those with Aomori sense of humor would find it difficult to be amused at some of the comical antics within.

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