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Book Review: The Reflections of Queen Snow White, by David Meredith (2013).

Fairytales are told to us as children, stories to teach us morals and fill us with joy. Always beginning with a desperate province, resolved regally, and its characters end with a “happily ever after”. But have you ever wondered what happened next? Did the happily ever after continue? The novel, The Reflections of Queen Snow White, authored by David Meredith, is a novel that looks at such things and gives a possible view of what could have been the story which the fairytale had been based on.
It begins with Snow White, now Queen, safe from the horrors of her past, but miserable all the same. Snow White did live her happily ever after, but all happily ever afters must eventually end. The queen, much older now, mother to a beautiful daughter and widow to King Charming, mourns for her loss, living in deep despair. No one is able to pull her from her deep depression not even the last remaining dwarf and dearest friend. But fairy tales just wouldn’t be fairytales without a bit of magic and a lot of luck, and the author has not failed to include this.

It isn’t long before Snow White is faced with her past, and all that it entailed. The sorrowful death of her father, the horror abuse of an evil step mother, life amongst the dwarves, and last but not least life with Charming. However, we are not spared the horrific details of each event like the fairytale of Snow White that we all know and love. Instead we see a brutal truth through her eyes, and glimpse what may have been. 

I enjoyed reflecting with Snow White, the author giving an old fairytale a new look, although the initial storyline is already known, the depths to the tale make for a refreshing change to the story. The story gives even depicts its own moral to it being that there is always hope one just need sought after it. Great twist to a timeless piece. 

Overall I believe that The Reflections of Queen Snow White, by David Meredith, is a very good adaptation of a favourite fairytale and well worth the read. I recommend this novel to adults especially anyone who loved the book as a child, and give the book the rating of 7/10 stars. I look forward to more from this author.


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