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Book Review: The Whiskey Witches: Episode 1 ~ Demon Show, by S. M. Blooding (2014).

Demon Show, by S. M. Blooding, is the first episode of four, that delve into a world almost mirror of our own, but where supernatural elements are more believed in and more prevalent than here. In fact, the public awareness of such knowledge is common especially concerning the Whiskey Witches. Detective Paige Whiskey is one of these such Witches, and the tale begins with her being called out to a case far from home.Paige is unaware of her own gifts in the beginning, though is noticeably well studied in the paranormal. 

Rightfully so when looking at her family. Alma, her grandmother, and earth witch. Her mother Rachel, an Angel Whisperer. Even her sister Leslie, a medium. The case she is sent upon however, sets out to put an end to her innocence and plunge her straight into the middle of a very large and complicated mess of magic and deceit.

As stated by the author at the opening, this novel has been written as a screenplay in its original state, so there is a different style to the way the book flows. Each setting and scene can be visualised separately instead of a whole. In saying that I am not sure that I enjoy reading I such a way by the storyline itself is interesting enough to continue reading! I also feel as though I have only a very minimal idea of the characters but I gather that will be addressed in the following episode. Let’s hope anyway! 

I recommend this book to adults who enjoy the fantasy genre set in a more modern era. So far so good! I give the first episode a 5/10 star rating.


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