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Book Review: The Whiskey Witches: Ep 2 Possession, by S. M. Blooding (2014).

The second episode to the Whiskey Witches, sees Paige Whiskey at the centre of trouble. After a disastrous paranormal stake out which involved Paige being attacked and thrown across the room by the ghost of a young girl who isn’t exactly supposed to be there, she finds herself kidnapped and drugged by the town coven crazies, tied up and drugged with hallucinogens. 
The story continues at a fast pace and Dexx is still trying to find out who the attacking ghost could be when Paige is being kidnapped! It’s not until the possession occurs that he finally catches up with Paige who is thankfully in the care of a non-possessed Cheif White. It’s just a shame that the demon has already taken control of Paige, although not in complete control. Somehow she is still managing to fight the demon, although not entirely successful, but the question is for how long. Although the demon says he is here to help destroy the evil in their midst, can his word really be trusted?

The storyline is slowly moving forward and the plot is finally coming to the surface. I feel that the way the story is written is why it seems as though it’s being dragged out, even though they are only short stories. However the storyline is interesting enough to keep my attention thus far so I shall continue! 

I recommend this book to adults who a bit of intrigue mixed in with their fantasy! I give it a rating of 4.5/10 stars.


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