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Book Review: Whiskey Witches: Ep 3 Love Bodies, by S. M. Blooding (2014).

The plot thickens in the third episode of the Whiskey Witches, with more murder and suspense, not to mention cryptic messages of love only visible to the possibly broken Demon Summoner. Paige is in deeper trouble than she first thought. Possession by Lucius is only one of her problems, and it looks like Balnore, her demonic mentor, as such, is unable to help her for fear of being compelled to possess her.

Dexx tries his best to help Paige, obviously his feelings have grown romantically toward her. We already knew he wanted to have sex with her, but he shows us that he is possibly wanting more now. And she doesn’t seem to be exactly redirecting any of his advances! Mike and Malika finally get their just deserves but I don’t think we have seen the last of them. They have taken too many lives and meddled in magic too deeply.

The storyline is interesting, but written in an erratic way since as previously mentioned this had been written in episodical format. Which is what I believe is the reason I just can’t find myself settling into the story. Perhaps. The story itself is developing at a slow rate in that in what seems like days so many strange events have occurred with no light to the in between. It has made it rather confusing. 

However, I shall perceived and finish the titles. This particular instalment I have given a 3.5/10 stars as I remain dazed and confused as to what exactly is going on with the main plot. I recommend this book to adults.


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