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Book Review: Whiskey Witches: Ep 4 Gates of Hell, by S. M. Blooding (2014).

The final episode to the first season of the Whiskey Witches sees Paige Whiskey solving her investigation and setting things to rights in St Francisville. However not all is as it seems. She has sent Mike back through a gate and retrieve the key from Lucius only to batter it away for a life and her daughter. Sven is up to something. The question is what now?
The storyline and overall concept of these books hasn’t been too bad and the characters look to be a little more established than before. But the way it is written has me confused constantly or find that I am rereading similar information as something is repeated. The language isn’t exactly appealing either. Some of it is written to be a humerus throw off, but just doesn’t quite come out right.

Overall I think that the series has potential in that the storyline is quite interesting. I just hope that the writing settles into a more reader friendly writing. I recommend this series to adults who enjoy fantasy thrillers. I also give it a rating of 4.5/10 stars for the final episode.


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