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Book Review: Blood Moon Magick, by S. M.Blooding (2015). Whiskey Witches series book 2.

The second book of the Whiskey Witches series authored by S. M. Blooding, is a novel that thankfully glues the first four episodes included in the first book together leaving only minimal seams. We join the infamous Witch Paige Whiskey as she returns home from her previous case in Louisiana, and is thrown sideways into yet another potential demonic cataclysm. This time Paige is not alone on the magical field and is accompanied by a demon hunter, vampire and a reaper. Not only are there Demons and Angels, but other paranormal beings that Paige had no idea existed, even though all of her memories are returned. And if this isn’t all enough Paige still has a door to hell burnt into her soul that she needs to deal with, a sister who is about to have a baby, a frightened grandmother, a psychotic mother, an unknown brother and a daughter whom she hasn’t seen for 5 years. 
Now to be brutally honest I had a difficult time getting through this book. It would seem to fluctuate in standard of writing skill so that some of the book is clearly well thought through and edited whilst other parts are in obvious need of work. For example, I found that every time I read a reference to “Jackie”, Dexx’s car, I could almost feel my teeth grinding. The style used when writing about or with the car was so corny that it became sad. The car is a reflection of the owner, and by all intents and purposes I just can’t picture Dexx as the type of guy who could mirror the car. Using a TV show reference as comparison, DexX is no Supernatural Sam or Dean! I just can’t see him being able to to pull it off.

However, all things considered, I have enjoyed the storyline greatly. The author has a great imagination, and although there is much room for improvement in writing style, this can only develop with time. I believe there could be great things to come with not only this series but also with future novels. I have greatly enjoyed following Paige on a fast paced action packed ride to save the world from evil. There has even been the occasional pang of sorrow when she discusses her daughter. The inclusion of more supernatural beings has also been a wonderful addition, as well as the permanent of other characters other than Dexx.

Overall I feel that there is much promise in the series and have to admit that although I have issues with certain things, the book as a whole was good, and worth the read. Definitely looking forward to future work from this author. I recommend this to teens and up. I give the novel a rating of 4.5/10 stars.


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