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Book Review: Shelter of Stone, by Jean. M. Auel (2002).

The fifth book of the Earth’s Children series has been exceptional. The story has been exciting and fascinating from beginning to end, and it seems that the author although continues to add the ongoing natural landscaping descriptions, it detracts less from the story as much as previous tittle’s. Perhaps its something that I as a reader have become accustomed to, but with the storyline being so unique and fabulous to read the whole nature descriptions can be easily overlooked.

Now that Ayla and Jondalar have finally reached the Ninth Cave of the Zelandoni and their final destination. They are finally home. It begins with a bit of a bumpy start, with members of the Cave not being as accepting of Ayla and her animals, and slowly become more difficult as Ayla’s history is divulged. Not everyone is as welcoming of the new ideas Ayla and Jondalar have returned home with, least of all Larimar and Brunkervile whom has a Clan heritage that he is obviously ashamed of.

Ayla and Jondalar also rejoice in the new addition to their strange “pack”, with the birth of their daughter, and a new foal birthed by Whinney. It seems that all of their dreams will finally come true. But to get to this point and beyond there seems to be many trials and tribulations to overcome. And of course one of the more imaginative parts of the book includes Ayla recognising unknown mystical abilities that rival her new families spiritual leader.

Overall, The Shelters of Stone, authored by Jean. M. Auel is an amazing novel which shares the story of a woman and man back in ancient times, when humans where still new to the earth, and how their society accepts the return of a son thought gone, possibly forever. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a little bit of imagination and likes historical fantasy. A good one for those who prefer non-fiction but would like to spice things up a bit! I give the book a rating of 10/10 stars.


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