Book Reviews

Book Review: Dragonclaw, by Kate Forsythe (1997). The Witches of Eileanan Book 1. 

Dragonclaw is a fabulous novel written by Kate Forsythe and the first of a series of 6. Without a doubt Kate begins by weaving a magical setting similar to the time of the crusades, with its own flavour of originality, and then goes on to introducing the reader to some powerful characters. It all begins with the introduction of Isabeau, an orphan who has been raised by Meghan the wood-witch. They reside in a savagely hidden tree beneath the shadow of Dragonclaw, a rocky formation above their little valley. It is Isabeau’s 16th birthday and time for to take the trails of becoming a witch. Unfortunately witchcraft is against the law and punishable by death. So it is when she is being tested that the secret valley and treehouse is discovered and Isabeau is hurtled into and adventure that she had only ever dreamt of.

Meghan and her band of exiled witches begin their fight to retake control of their lands which they were cruelly hunted out of by the Righ and Banrigh, although the Righ himself is a witch by blood. Meghan believes that the Banrigh is to blame for the events which led to their banishment, and holds much knowledge she is right, however without the actual proof there was no case. Now, however, being discovered has caused a chain of events that will change things forever. 

The novel Dragonclaw is well written and I enjoyed it immensely. Very original in both setting and storyline I found myself deeply immersed in the lands of Eileanan in the middle of plans for a rebellion. The author writes in a way that really draws the reader into her tale and it’s one of those books that you can’t just put down. Something is always happening. A great read overall and I recommend this novel for mid teens and older. I give it the rating of 8/10 stars. 


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