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Book Review: The Cursed Towers, by Kate Forsythe (1999). Book 3 of the Witches of Eileanan series.

The Cursed Towers is another fantastic episode in the Witches of Eileanan series and although the Rebels have won the first battle, there are still more to be won. Lachlan, now returned for the most part to his former self, has gained control of the Loadstar and overturned the rule of the evil Banrigh. However, she is not the only threat looming. The Fairge want to take back what was once theirs, the beach where they birth their young. 
Isabeau and Iseult settle into their new lives at court, although Isabeau is uneasy about all things concerning Maya’s daughter Bronwyn and Iseult’s husband Lachlan. She is convinced he will harm the child even it is her own blooded uncle. Iseult has her own worries concerning war and the future for herself and her husband. It isn’t long before Isabeau takes matters into her own hands and takes Bronwyn with her fleeing for Dragonclaw, leaving a distressed Iseult to convince Lachlan that her sister is not traitorous.

Although some parts of this books plot were obvious, there are various unexpected twists I didn’t see coming. Again I found the book filled with suspense and thrilling storylines which I enjoyed greatly. I recommend this book to this from mid teens up and give it a 7/10 star rating.


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