Book Reviews

Book Review: The Skull of the World, by Kate Forsythe (2001). Book 5 in the Witches of Eileanan series.

Isabeau remains with her sisters people, the Khan’cohbans, after helping Maya escape and giving her back her daughter Bronwyn. She is in exile due to the misunderstanding of her actions and Lachlan being unbending in his wrath. However, she does have the opportunity to get to know her other family, spending summer with her parents and winter amongst the Khan’cohbans as the dragon Queen had commanded. It is when she travels to find her true name that she also discovers her true witch gifts.
Meanwhile, Iseult and Lachlan have been busy with the invasion of Tìrsoilleir. While they are away fighting the Bright Soldiers, Margrit the Thistle kidnaps their son Donncan, the heir to the throne, and her grandson, Iain’s son Neil. 

The Skull of the world is a riveting and surprising instalment to the series, expanding on Isabeau’s character and world in general. Admittedly I enjoyed this episode greatly, though I did find the storyline becoming complicated in places and hard to follow. I recommend this book for mid teens and up and rate it 6.5/10 stars.


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