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Book Review: Darkstorm, by M. L. Spencer (2017). Book 1: The Rehenwars Saga.

A refreshing new read, Darkstorm by M. L. Spencer, is intriguing novel delving into the magics of Mage craft. It is set in another time, in another world and mainly of two provinces which can be viewed as “good and evil”. Aseryus being the first place visited by way of Branden Reis, one of the more admiral characters and heros of the story. Branden is one of two brothers taken as children and trained in ways of magic, each brother holding different power in different fields of magic. Both the elite of their class, and both with a hidden past. 

This book gives hope and promise to the written word and a vocabulary of more than two syllables. The author has a gift of being able to interest the reader firstly by use of intelligent language, (instead of treating all readers as though they have an intellect of a 6 year old), and then weaving a world of magic and possible disaster with characters that are deeper and more interesting the further into the book one gets. 

I did find the novel becomes confusing as the pace of the novel quickens towards the middle. The “revealing” of Merris’s true nature becomes lost in the torrent as the plot continues whirling by. I found myself having to re-read certain sections to make sure I fully understood. However, the character of Quin became my favourite all the way to the bitter end. Although he was unable to make his brother proud he was always able to see the error of his ways and showed that he at least realised his mistakes and felt remorse. I enjoyed watching his story unfold and his sassy personality really shone through in his dialect producing many laughs and strange looks from my husband!!!

Overall I believe that M. L. Spencer has produced a different line of Mage magic, built in a beautiful and mysterious world. The struggles the characters seem familiar at first but veer off in their own unique direction. The novel reads well and fluently, although there are some places where a dictionary will most definitely enhance the readers experience. I really enjoyed this novel with its descriptive flow which doesn’t completely distract from the plot. I also look forward to reading the next novel to the series.

Darkstorm by M. L. Spencer is a fantastic new novel which I recommend to adults who enjoy fantasy and magic. I give it a rating of 6/10 stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

One thought on “Book Review: Darkstorm, by M. L. Spencer (2017). Book 1: The Rehenwars Saga.

  1. I really enjoyed this book but was disappointed my favorite character in the book turned out to be EVIL! M.L. Spencer is a great author, though, and I love her series.


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