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Book Review: Dark Mage, M. L. Spencer (2011). Book 2: The Rhenwars Saga. 

The second instalment of the Rhenwars Saga, Darkmage, is an exciting new adventure in Aerysius with characters old and new that captivate the readers attention from the very beginning. Definitely more adventurous than the first novel, Darkmage takes us into the future of Aerysius, where the Prime Warden continues to hold the power of rule, and Sentinels are the main source of protection for its people. However there is another threat, ready to destroy everything. 

Darien quickly became my favourite character in this novel. His strength and determination goes above and beyond most, and the pain he suffers is something unusual in terms of storyline. We first meet Darien as he comes home to a ceremony that delivers his power as a Mage. It is his story that we follow throughout the book, and the impact he has on those he holds dear. His brother, Aiden being the Enemy that he focuses his wrath upon until the end.

Kyel and Naia also hold key roles in the storyline. Watching Kyel thrive under difficult conditions, learning his craft in minimal time, was fantastic. It really gives the sense that anything can be done if one sets their mind to it. And Naia gives the novel the addition of emotions and love. She brings hope and light to those who need it as well as the novel itself. She becomes a “silent hero” in that she saves Darien from becoming corrupted more than he can handle. Without Kyel and Naia, Darien would never stand a chance against the enemy. 

The book is written again, with intellectual finesse and was a pleasure to read. The vocabulary gives the characters an intelligence that gives them depth and makes it almost impossible to put the book down. Darien knows in his heart what is good and right, and his fight is one that keeps the readers focused on his success and the heart wrenching way he must contend with the enemy. 

Overall Darkmage is a fantastic novel that has had me intrigued and glued to my iPad in an attempt to see through the fate of Aerysius. I would recommend this novel to older teenage and adults who like fantasy and magical genres. I give this book the rating of 8.5/10 stars.


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