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Book Review: Lady Cannibal: The True Story of Katherine Knight, by Natalie Marshall (2016).

Not one of my usual genre, Lady Cannibal: The True Story of Katherine Knight, is one that is close to home and so peaked my curiosity quickly when it was recommended by a friend. The true story is based on the truly horrendous murder and literal butchering of her victim Katherine, and the consequences. 

The author, Natalie Marshall, takes the reader on a horrifying journey through the early life of Katherine, giving us background with examples of childhood sexual and mental abuse. She goes on to to give examples of Katherine’s past relationships and social life, giving insight into an obvious human ticking time bomb. A bomb which ultimately explodes in ways that I thought only existed on screen and in writing. Not in any kind of human reality. Next the crime itself is explored, and the real horror begins. How one could become so twisted and out of sync with reality becomes fascinating, to the point that it becomes harder to believe that she was ever released from psychiatric facilities before her final gruesome acts. 

This is a macabre tale that is so gruesome that the police officers who attended the scene still suffer from post traumatic stress still to this day. The novel is written in a factual way that gives the reader an intimate look at Katherine’s life without sounding like a police report. 

I would recommend this book to adults only. This is not something that should be read by everyone. There is a lot that is difficult to stomach let alone believe, information, also this is a true story and could upset some readers. The story of Katherine intrigued me mostly due to the physical locality of the crime and its horrendous nature. Although admittedly the writing itself has much to be desired, it is the story which caught my attention and therefore resulted in the following rating. I give Lady Cannibal: The True Story of Katherine Knight, by Natalie Marshall, 6.5/10 stars.


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