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Book Review: Darklands, by M. L. Spencer (2017). Book 3: The Rhenwars Saga.

I am completely stunned and devastated as well as a feeling a whole other rainbow of emotions after reading Darklands by M. L. Spencer. This utterly fantastic book has caused me to invent some questionable excuses which require me to sit down and b quiet! Darklands, is a very dark and heartbreaking novel that takes the reader back into the history of Aerysius carrying with it all of the acts which had come before, tumbling to a crossroads which can make or break a fragile future.

It all begins with the re-opening of the Well of Tears, meaning that Xerys and his darkmage’s had wandered forth into the world once more to do the bidding of the one that summoned them. This time a woman, Azar, a light weaver from the place formerly known as Caladorn. Both Quinlan Reis and Darien Lachlan, who previously had been forced into the obligations of being a Darkmage of Xerys, are spilled forth to perform their duties in ruling with the hands of chaos the lands set before them. Darien given the Malikar and its people, in an attempt to lead them forth from their lives of utter darkness. So many people born who have never before seen the light of day.

Merien, Naia and Kyel return also, desperate to save their homelands from the possible invasion of people from the blackened Bryn Calazar. Stronger together the last three Mages of Aerysius are separated and inevitably make choices sealing their own fates. Merien is the first to be separated, and follows Quin to find Darien. Though as in most cases, it doesn’t exactly go as she had hoped. In fact Merien’s greatest fears are realised when she reaches her destination and speaks with Darien for the first time. As for Kyel and Naia, they find themselves in a harrowing predicament which leaves them with some questionable decisions that may throw their whole destiny from its current path.

My favourite parts of this book is Darien’s what I see as an awakening, as he finds opening to the plight of the people of malikar and how his own blood ancestor was the cause of the devastation to begin with. The author has made his character come to life in each paragraph in a way that made Dariens struggles my own. Feeling his pain, along with Merien, and then feeling the hypothetical sting of the slap across the face she deals him towards the end of the book. It is written so well using a language that just appeals to my intellectual senses!

Darklands is a magnificent novel that has completely captivated my imagination. The characters have all been written so well and with so much depth that each emotion that spills from them is almost palpable. I have enjoyed everything about Darklands, from beginning to end. I would definitely recommend this book to young adults and up, and believe anyone with an interest in fantasy novels would enjoy this book. I give Darklands by M. L. Spencer a rating of 9/10 stars. It really is a worthwhile read. 


3 thoughts on “Book Review: Darklands, by M. L. Spencer (2017). Book 3: The Rhenwars Saga.

    1. No I don’t but I can imagine! The book was amazing. Please tell me your almost done with the next. I’m itching to know what happens next😀👏👏👏🤗


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