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Book Review: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, by J. K. Rowling (2000).

The fourth instalment of the Harry Potter series has a much darker over tone than its three predecessor’s. The excitement of Harry returning to The Burrow and the amusement of how he manages to travel starts the novel off light heartedly. However, things turn dark at the end of the Quidditch World Cup, and the new addition of Death Eaters gives the novel the feel of waiting for impending doom. This is continued even after our favourite trio arrive back at school. 
This year’s adventure focus’s on the return of an old magical tradition, the Tri wizard Tournament. In which Witches and Wizards from schools all over the world, come to together to compete in a variety of tasks set for them. This year, it is to be held for the first time in centuries, and the event hosted by none other than Hogwarts witchcraft and wizardry.
Again Harry’s loyalty’s are tested, along with his courage, bravery and strength.  His friendships, especially with his best friend Ron, are strained with the strange happenings and events around the school. But even though angry with one another, still jump at the chance of reconciliation the first chance they get, showing that it would take more than jealousy to destroy their bond. Which is a very good thing, as it is the trio’s friendship that helps Harry through the last few weeks of school after the Triwizard Tournament is completed. With several deaths and scandals within the walls of Hogwarts, everyone really needed the emotional support of each other. 

This novel even delves into the darker sides of life, or rather Death, giving the reader the understanding that not everything is fine and rosey all of the time, and that bad things do happen to good people. I recommend this novel for young teens and up, as some content could possibly upset or frighten young children. However, anyone older, young teens and up, including adults, that have imagination and enjoy a generous dose of magic, this is the book for them. I give Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire 10/10 stars.


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