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Book Review: Darkrise by M. L Spencer (2018).

Darkrise is the third book in the Rhenwars Saga (not including the prequel), and has been an exciting and action packed read. The story of Darien and the Rhen is one that is full of emotional turmoil and the will to survive in a world that is in mortal peril. M. L. Spencer has proved a fantastic author and delivered readers a fantastic novel with many story lines less than completed. (Does this mean there is more?!)

The story continues with Malikar and the Rhen about to embark on war, with Darien Lauchlin in an emotional tornado trying to determine a way to destroy an ancient curse as well as save all of his people. Quin embarks on an adventure to top all adventures to try and stop the annihilation of the Mage race. With him he drags the heroic Naia and sacrifices himself in a variety of ways to attempt victory. Kyel hasn’t been forgotten either, and after reviving Merien he plays his own part in the sticky situations the mages have gotten themselves into. Some with chains, some without, and some with pledges of loyalty to just about everyone, including ancient gods and the like.

The story lines have been unique throughout the series, and once a reader begins the journey set by some pretty awesome characters its hard to put it down. I have personally enjoyed it every step of the way and tried hard to not give anything away in my review as it is a genuinely great read and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. However some of the story lines didn’t feel complete in this book, which could mean that another is on the way.

Overall, I believe M. L. Spencer to be a fantastic author who ‘s writing is evolving into something unique and entertaining with each novel written. Darkrise is the best novel yet. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy and has a little imagination, and I give it a rating of 9/10 stars.


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