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Book Suggestions – Elusion by Zoe Parker (2017).

I love this cover. I’m not sure of its the girls eye or the hair that just stands out to me but it really strikes me as AWESOME 🙌💯👏⭐️

(Please note the warning at the bottom before proceeding).

The First Prophecy

Seed of Death and Dragon’s womb, suffering her fated tomb.

She, our savior, the Fallen’s soul, shall shed her blood to make us whole.

A vengeful Darkness she will arise, her love calls forth the Darkest tide

Yet, if her heart has ceased to beat, the world shall eclipse in Dark complete.


Pretend Ma told me the terrible things done to me were for the greater good.

I’m not so sure about that.

I am sure about that my time in this world is drawing to a close. I’m okay with that, I even wish for it some days. Then I met HIM. Mr. Glowy Eyes.

I know that I’m a monster, and I’m CERTAIN that he’s much worse than that. But he also shows me something important. Very important. Do you want to know what it is?

Are you still waiting?

Mr. Glowy Eyes is waiting, too.

In the dark…

Under the bed…

I can’t promise he won’t eat you…

But I can promise you won’t mind when he does.

Please be advised: **This book contains violence and other content which may be triggering to readers.**

To view on Kindle click here

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