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Reading Suggestions – Love's Prey by Francesca Quarto (2018).

Something I have recently added to my reading list at request by the author! Thrilled at the honor to review this book. Let’s hope my review, once read does not disappoint. Looks like a good book!


Love’s Prey by Francesca Quarto.



Tricia Cooley’s dream is to escape her life in the Black Hills forever and follow her love of art into the Chicago galleries, but her exotic beauty draws the attention of any man seeing her on or off the Sioux Reservation. Her fantasy becomes a nightmare when the one man she trusts turns her into a killer and escaping means running for her very life.

While Tricia tears blindly through the night, the scent of death fills the air with sweet allure to a rogue band of shapeshifters. Her clan’s powerful shaman, Shadow Stalker, knows these Hunters are in pursuit, and that their leader, Dream Slayer, finds Tricia as irresistible as his lust for power.

Jackson Wolf, a Keeper of The People, is sent to protect her from the beasts that shadow her. His growing feelings challenge his discipline, just as they are forced to battle a pack of wild shifters.

Tricia must unleash the warrior within herself if she is to survive the diabolical scheme to kidnap and turn her into a sex slave for a demonic shaman.

To check this out on Kindle click here

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