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Book Suggestions – Bringing Forth the Dead by Francesca Quarto (2018).

This looks like it could be good. Another title added to the ever lengthening “reading list”, in order to review at the authors request. I am honored at being able to do such a thing.

If the cover is anything to go by, this one could be worth the read.

Bringing Forth the Dead by Francesca Quarto.




A ceremony set in an Irish castle, surrounded by charming hamlets and rolling hills and ocean–what more idyllic setting could a Celtic Wizard want on her wedding day? Cathleen O’Brien returns to her mother’s ancient family home, O’Brinnion Keep, for the much anticipated marriage to her love, Jason Tate. Among the swirl of wedding dress, colorful flowers, and gifts, a curse, laid on her family years before, has found her where she is most vulnerable.

Her parents protected Cathleen throughout her life from the dark oath sworn by Arcon Fearsome, the Necromancer, Lord of the Dead. They captured him in their own youth, while in service to the Green Mother. He swore revenge as they dragged him from the Council chambers to his imprisonment on the fourth plane. Now, mere days before her marriage, the Necromancer is the uninvited guest and he brings gifts of fear and death.

Cathleen and her mother must call on the powerful Teacher to help destroy this Dark Lord before his curse can be fulfilled. But as in life, death can take surprising turns and in the end we all stand alone.


To check this out on Kindle click here

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