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Reading Suggestions – Keepers of the Ancient Wisdom, by Sandra Saidak (2014).

Love the look of this cover, and the title inspires all kinds to the imagination. Could be good πŸ€—πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ’―πŸ“š

Keepers of the Ancient Wisdom by Sandra Saidak.


After more than a year as a slave to the brutal horse nomads, Kalie returns to the Goddess Lands to face her greatest challenge. Varlas of the Wolf Tribe has united the clans, and leads his horde to conquer Kalie’s home and replace the Goddess with gods of war and thunder. The only hope for Kalie’s people is her lover, Riyik, and the warriors who follow him. They must turn peaceful farmers into warriors who can defeat Varlas’ mounted host. But not everyone in the Goddess lands will accept this transformation. Kalie and Riyik must fight enemies from without and within to save their home. As the mounted horde bears down upon them, all Kalie can be certain of is the Goddess Lands will never be the same…Fans of Jean Auel’s Earth’s Children series and Kathleen and Michael Gear’s People series will not want to miss Kalie’s Journey.


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Reading Suggestions – Queen of Gods, by Scarlett Dawn and Katherine Rhodes (2018).

This cover is just brilliant. I love the mood it sets for what could be a great tale of Magic.

This would be something to add to the “possibly” list πŸ‘πŸ’―πŸ˜Š

Queen of Gods by Scarlett Dawn and Katherine Rhodes.


Magic is life.

Bound to S’Kir, the Unseen Gods wait to reunite with their brethren. Only an ancient prophecy keeps their hope alive.

Blood is life.

Locked away from S’Kir on earth, the Vampire Overlords and an Original Druid hold their crowns with brute power. The Law is all that keeps their savage nature hidden.

Until one defiant vampire is awakened early from her Rest and summoned to the vampire stronghold. In her wake, all hell breaks loose…

Magic always wins.
But never without blood.

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