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Reading Suggestions – Etched in Bone, by Anne Bishop (2017).

This looks to be a good read according to reviews I have read and the description on Kindle. This is something I’m going to have to add to my reading list. I have never read Anne Bishop but there is a first time for everything 👌👍🙌🤔

Etched in Bone by Anne Bishop.


After a human uprising was brutally put down by the Elders—a primitive and lethal form of the Others—the few cities left under human control are far-flung. And the people within them now know to fear the no-man’s-land beyond their borders—and the darkness…

As some communities struggle to rebuild, Lakeside Courtyard has emerged relatively unscathed, though Simon Wolfgard, its wolf shifter leader, and blood prophet Meg Corbyn must work with the human pack to maintain the fragile peace. But all their efforts are threatened when Lieutenant Montgomery’s shady brother arrives, looking for a free ride and easy pickings.

With the humans on guard against one of their own, tensions rise, drawing the attention of the Elders, who are curious about the effect such an insignificant predator can have on a pack. But Meg knows the dangers, for she has seen in the cards how it will all end—with her standing beside a grave.

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Reading Suggestions – The Betrayal of Arthur by Sara Douglass (2013).

Having always been a big fan of Sara Douglass, especially the Troy game series, I know this one will be another hit. She seems to have a real knack for medieval retells.

I think all fantasy fans would enjoy this 😉

The Betrayal of Arthur by Sara Douglass

On the cover

From the manuscripts of a twelfth-century English cleric to a New York bestseller, tales of King Arthur and his court permeate our world. But where did the stories start and how much is true? Were Guinevere and Lancelot traitors? Was Merlin a wise man or magician? And was King Arthur a great and glorious king or a tragic man doomed from conception?

Sara Douglass, a leading writer of fantasy, pierces the heat of this legend. A scholar and academic in medieval history, she explores the fascination, manipulation and permutations of this captivating myth that has intrigued the western world for centuries.

The Betrayal of Arthur is an enchanting exploration of Arthurian legend, twentieth-century sensibilities and the medieval mind.

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