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Book ideas – Wary is Her Love, by Judith Berens (2018).

This looks like a great read for young adult paranormal fans. The book cover is very telling of the pages inside, and the description brings the reader into a strange world even before they open the book.

Wary is Her Love by Judith Berens

On the Cover

Dark magic is bent on destroying the school. A Drow princess is gaining powers faster than she knows what to do with them. Her best friend, a Jasper Elf can’t remember who she is, and her boyfriend turns into a wolf at night and runs with his pack.

By day, they’re trying out for the school play, worrying about who’s going to the fall dance, and oh yeah, are excited about Halloween when the dead can finally talk to the living again. Just your typical teenager in America when magic returns.

Alison, the Drow and her best friend, Izzie, the Jasper Elf are determined to get everything they can out of high school… even if they have to stay one step ahead of the Dark families to make it to graduation.

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