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Reading Suggestions – The White Tower, by Michael Wisehart

Banished magic? How dare anyone demand such a thing ….

This looks like it will be quite good. 😊👌🙌👍

On the Cover.

The Wizard Wars have taken their toll . . .

. . . and magic is banished.

Those caught wielding it are sent to the White Tower. No one knows why.

They’ve never been seen again.

Darkness stirs in the north. War is coming, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the time of the Khul Hordes. How will humanity fight back when those with the ability to do so are being exterminated?

In a world where magic is outlawed, one sixteen-year-old might be the key. Hunted by the Black Watch, Ty discovers a secret that threatens not only his life, but the lives of everyone around him…including Lyessa.

But she has a secret of her own.

Will her skill with the sword prove the means of Ty’s salvation or the end of everything they hold dear?

The world balances on the edge of a blade. Which way will it fall?

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Book Suggestions – Elves of Irradan, by R. J. Long (2018).

This book looks amazing. From the cover to the description readers can expect epic fantasy at its best. Already added to my #mustread list 📚 😊 👌 👍

Elves of Irradan by R J Long.

On the Cover.

As Ealrin and Blume embark to restore her magical abilities, they encounter a growing unrest in the ancient land of Irradan.

In search for a tree of legend, they uncover an empire on the brink of rebellion, a kingdom in shambles, and a clan of elves who rever nature more than their very lives.

The Empire of Enoth has stood for thousands of years. At its head rules a gleaming emperor worshipped as a god. As Ealrin casts his doubts on a supposed peaceful visit from the imperial elves, Blume befriends the stoic son of a general.

Yet in the distance, brewing in the mountains to the west, comes a lonely howl as a new threat reveals itself. One that may consume them all.

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