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Book Review – Immortal, by J. R. Ward (2014).

On the Cover.

The Creator invented the game. The stakes were nothing less than the immortal fate of mankind. Yet when fallen angel Jim Heron was challenged to play, he had no idea the voracious demon Devina would be so formidable an adversary-or that the carnal depths to which he was willing to go could prove so fatal.

Devina’s more than ready to claim victory in this war and has her next scheme already underway: Sissy, a defenseless woman under the influence and an unwitting player in the fight for Heron’s heart.

At the defining crossroads between salvation and damnation, Heron is ready to do anything it takes to succeed-a suicide mission that will take him into Heaven and Hell, and into the darkest and most sensual shadows that lie in wait at the end of the world . . .


The Final book in the Archangel Series by J R Ward is titled Immortal. It is admittedly the best of all six novels, and gives a great conclusion to the war between good and evil. As with all the novels in this series, Jim Heron remains the central character, only this time it his soul that needs saving from the depths of hate and evil. Thankfully he has his Angel buddies, Asian and Eddie to help him out when he needs it. Not to mention Sissy, the love of his life, who he draws evil from within so that her soul may be untainted by Devina, the centre of all evil.

As the story unfolds, there is a final show down in the end, and Devina loses the final battle, with all of the evil she has created amongst her collections disappears along with her. This gives the others the happily ever after they have been hoping for.

Overall I enjoyed this series and especially this last novel Immortal authored by J. R. Ward. She is an exceptional author and has written some fabulous novels with epic paranormal and steamy romance connotations throughout that keeps readers coming back for more. I would recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys the paranormal romance genre especially young adults. I give this book a rating of 7/10 stars.


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