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Reading Ideas – Everlife, by Gena Showalter (2018).

This looks like a fantastic series if the cover is anything to go by. But the description being quite interesting helps as well!

Something well worth taking a closer look at 👀💯🙌📖💜📚💫


Ten Lockwood lost the last battle, but the war between Troika and Myriad, the two realms of the Everlife, is far from over. Ten’s secret bond with rival realm Laborer Killian Flynn may give her the strength to prevail…or may be the key to all of their undoing, as rulers make their final plays and trust becomes an afterthought. Ten has been given the crucial choice of which soul to bring back from Second–death to fight for Troika, but will she choose the person she wants most beside her, or the one the realm needs to triumph once and for all?

Nothing is certain–not Killian’s love for her, not her own faith in herself…not even whether she can trust her realm–mates to have her back when the darkness of Myriad rises to come for them all. Don’t miss the exhilarating and breathtaking conclusion as Ten evolves from cynic, to leader, to a true visionary able to inspire the world and help everyone build a new way of life forevermore.

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