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Book Recommendations: Scarlett (A Very British Witch), by Isobella Crowley (2018).

It was the title of this novel that caught my attention at first. Humour is always key in a good book. However, after reading the synopsis I feel I may need to add this book to my #mustread list!

Book Worms and Murder?!?!?!

This looks to be a funny exciting fantasy novel that is sure to set readers wanting more 📚👏😊✍️👍⭐️


When book-worm Scarlett is accused of murder, she has no choice but to take up sleuthing and find a way to clear herself of suspicion.

Her efforts are further thwarted by having no recollection of the night in question, and to make matters worse, weird things keep happening around her.

Like, seriously weird.

Meanwhile, the military police are closing in on her, and what she uncovers in her investigation is far more sinister than she could ever have imagined.

Can Scarlett figure out what’s going on before other elements catch up to her? 

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