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Book Ideas: Wolfbound, by Jody Morse (2015).

Wolf stories…. Another weakness of mine! This looks like it could be quite an interesting series! 📚👀🐺🐾

Book Synopsis

My life isn’t supposed to be this complicated.

At least that’s what I thought… until I met Jax.

I was in for the most boring three months of my life. With my best friend and sister gone for the majority of summer, I was stuck by myself in Cedar Falls, our small town in Indiana.

But then he showed up on my front doorstep – my mysterious, insanely attractive new neighbor.

I was instantly drawn to him.

It was like there was a magnetic force between us, unlike anything I’d ever felt before.

When a series of strange events happen, it seems like there’s only one thing that links them all together: Jax and his family arriving in town.

Little did I know, I wasn’t only imagining it. 

Jax has a secret, one that affects both of us.

He’s a werewolf.

I’ve fallen completely head over heels for a werewolf, which is just as dangerous as it is stupid. But I don’t care. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to be with him, even if it means putting my own life on the line.

But wait.

My life was already on the line, even before he came to town.

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Reading Ideas: Blade of Fortriu, by Juliet Marillier (2007).

Not on of the newest novels to be published. But most definitely one of the lovelier book covers that I have seen this year. 📖📚🔮⭐️🌹💫😊

Book Synopsis

As the young king Bridei prepares to lead his forces in a major offensive against the Gaels, the princess Ana, a hostage at the court of Fortriu, is sent on a difficult journey north to make a strategic marriage with a chieftain she has never met. Her escort is led by a man she despises: the enigmatic Faolan, Bridei’s assassin and spy. Their ill-fated expedition creates a reluctant bond between Faolan and Ana, which continues as they face unexpected perils at the chieftain Alpin’s stronghold in the midst of mysterious Briar Wood. When Ana discovers a charismatic prisoner who seems bent on remaining within the bleakest of confinement, a conspiracy of silence meets her attempts to unravel the puzzle.

As Bridei’s forces move down the Glen, it is revealed to those left behind that the king of Fortriu is marching towards not only defeat, but certain death. There is only one messenger who can reach him in time. To employ such an ally will set brother against brother, and endanger what has become dearest to Ana’s heart…

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Book Suggestions: Darien – Empire of Salt, by C. F. I gulden (2017).

From what I can tell this should be a good series. The description gives the impression of much intrigue. May be worth a second look. 📚😊✌️📖👍

Book Synopsis

The city of Darien lies at the heart of a dying empire.

Twelve families spoil for a throne soon to be made vacant – by murder or civil war. Into this fevered, hungry city come six strangers:

An orphan and an old swordsman.

A hunter and a pitiless killer.

A young thief and a cynical chancer.

As the sun sinks the city will know no slumber. For long dormant passions have awoken. Fortunes will be won and lost. Lives will be staked and claimed.

And a story long waiting to be told will catch fire in the telling . . .

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Book Ideas: Dreamer’s Pool, by Juliet Marillier (2014).

This author seems to keep opting up in my media feeds lately with quite good recommendations. I believe I will have to definitely add something from this author to my #mustread list so as I may judge for myself. This looks like it could be a good start to an interesting series.

Book Synopsis

Embittered healer Blackthorn, wrongly condemned to death, is offered a lifeline by a mysterious stranger. In return, she must set aside her bid for vengeance against the man who destroyed all that she once loved. Not only that: for seven years she must agree to help anyone who asks for her aid. She and her companion Grim settle on the fringes of a mysterious forest in Dalriada, far from the place of their incarceration, and start a new life. 

Oran, the crown prince of Dalriada, is waiting for his bride-to-be, Lady Flidais. Her letters and sweet portrait have convinced him that she is his destined true love. 

But letters can lie. 

To save Oran from disaster, Blackthorn and Grim will need courage, ingenuity, and more than a little magic.

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Book Review: God’s Concubine, by Sarah Douglass (2003).

For a second book to a series I found it to be quite intriguing. The author has continued and affirmed the storyline in the representation of the characters in a a new life. It did have quite a bit of overlap that in some novel can be quite tedious. But with the amount of interesting additions it seemed to add to the story rather make it drag.

Again my favourite character is centred on Cornelia now reborn as Caela. She is sweet and holds a hidden strength and from what I understand remains to have some kind of “foundation” and is more “sensible than the others. Although by the end of this second novel I am not sure sensible is exactly the most correct choice of wording.

The moving forward of this story into the next era has been done well. I enjoyed the fact that their roles in society had been muddled over time. It goes past the time of ancient myth, and into a mor civilised time of war! It is still written in a time that is still long enough ago to have no complete knowledge of the goings on of this time at least as in depth as it is portrayed in this novel.

The downfall of this novel I feel if there is one is the slower pace of the story. It doesn’t seem that any of the characters really make much ground other than Caela. Which although may be somewhat greatly significant, it appears to be the only real one.

Overall I have to say that I have really enjoyed this second novel to the Troy Game series. I would recommend this to anyone interested in historical foundations to their novels as well as those who enjoy the fantasy genre. I give this book a rating of 8.5/10 stars.


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Book Suggestions: Shadowfell, by Juliet Marillier (2012).

The cover really drew in my attention. I’m not sure if it is the natural aspect of it or the tittle. But either way this book has me intrigued. From what I can tell by the summary it should be quite a good read. Something to add to the reading list I suspect!

Book Synopsis

The people of Alban are afraid.

The tyrannical king and his masked Enforcers are scouring the land, burning villages and enslaving the canny.
Fifteen-year-old Neryn has fled her home in the wake of its destruction, and is alone and penniless, hiding her extraordinary magical power. She can rely on no one – not even the elusive Good Folk who challenge and bewilder her with their words.

When an enigmatic stranger saves her life, Neryn and the young man called Flint begin an uneasy journey together. She wants to trust Flint but how can she tell who is true in this land of evil?

For Neryn has heard whisper of a mysterious place far away: a place where rebels are amassing to free the land and end the King’s reign.

A place called Shadowfell.

A story of courage, hope, danger and love from one of the most compelling fantasy storytellers writing today.

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Book Review: Hades Daughter, by Sara Douglass (2002).

A blast from the past in more ways than one! Hades Daughter is a fantasy fiction novel with a strong essence of mythological history interwoven within. I have very much enjoyed this novel finding it to be a definite page turner that keeps the reader ever awake late at night vowing that the current chapter shall be their last!

The story revolves around what is known as “The Troy Game” and becomes the main focus of all essential characters. My favourites being Brutus and Cornelia. Brutus, the ambitious leader of the forsaken Trojans, looking for a home, is the King an of said game, and is at its centre. Cornelia, Princess of Mesopotamia, is taken as wife to Brutus, who also holds the Goddess MAG within her womb. Both sensation characters that capture readers attention quickly and written in such a way that the reader begins to feel their emotions and really become a part of the book.

The way in which the book follows along with ancient mythology and history really gives the book an honest or realistic feeling although it is obviously a fantasy novel. I feel it’s almost a sense of “it just might of happened” about it (for lack of a better description)!

Overall I believe this book is fantastic. A great Aussie author has given the genre of fantasy something well worth the read. I recommend that anyone interested in this genre as I think it’s something all fantasy lovers would really enjoy. I give this book a rating of 10/10 stars.


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Book Suggestions – Ash and Quill, by Rachel Caine (2017).

Ash and Quill, looks to be quite an exciting novel with a brilliant #bookcover. Think something definitely worth checking out.

Book Synopsis

The Great Library has long hoarded all the knowledge of the world, but a group of rebels has formed which continues to test its authority.

Jess Brightwell and his friends have fled London, only to find themselves imprisoned in Philadelphia, a city led by those who would rather burn books than submit. But Jess and the others hold powerful knowledge of a machine that would undermine the Library’s dominion. They will have to make dangerous allies and difficult choices to stay alive. The alternative is to be erased from life, and the history of the world, for ever.

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