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Reading Suggestions: Dragon’s Trail, by Josef Malik (2016).

Love the Dragon’s 👀📚🐲🐉

This looks quite intriguing ✍️ ⭐️ 📖 📚 💫


Once dubbed “The Deadliest Man Alive,” Jarrod Torrealday is a former Olympic saber hopeful and medieval weapons expert banned from competition for killing another fencer in a duel. Despondent, volatile, yet still one of the greatest living swordsmen, he now works for third-rate fantasy films as a technical consultant and stuntman.

When Jarrod is offered a shot at redemption by a sorcerer looking for a hero, he finds himself facing an invading army in a world inhabited by creatures from Earth’s mythical past. He soon learns that the enemy mastermind is also from Earth, and has laid the foundations for a new kind of war.

To check this out on Kindle click here

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