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Book Ideas: Daughter of Kali – Unholy Alliance, by Shiulie Ghosh (2019).

The title really caught my attention… It’s the Goddess name that I treasure most 😊📚👍⭐️🌹

This really could be worth a look 😃📖👍⭐️📚👀

Book Synopsis

The time of prophecy is near.

Sixteen year old Kaz is now a trained Warrior for the secret society known as the Guild. Just like her mother before her. But her mother is dying, and only demonic power can save her. Going against everything the Guild stands for, Kaz must form an uneasy alliance with a Named One.

She also has a goddess on her case. Kali wants her to fulfil a prophecy – only Kaz isn’t quite sure what that is. Her own power, the bloodthirsty inner voice she calls the other, is getting stronger. And as if that wasn’t enough, her emotions are torn between Darius, the Warrior in love with her best friend; and Jack, dark, brooding, and a bit irritating.

Kaz finds herself navigating a dangerous path at great cost. The lives of those she loves are in danger, and her only hope of saving them is to solve the mystery of the prophecy even if it destroys her.

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Reading Suggestions – Breed of Havoc, by Lanie Jordan (2014).

This could be a really good series… Demons…. 😈😱😝👀📚🌟

Love the book cover 📚

Book Synopsis

One goal: Hunt the demon that killed my family. Make that two goals: Survive.

It’s been over a year since Director Greene recruited me to join the CGE. Things aren’t exactly going as planned. I’ve been chased down by demons, I survived a vampire bite when no one ever has before, and last Phase, I found a demon that liked me because of my DNA. The thing is, I liked it back and I don’t know why.

I was convinced this year couldn’t be any worse, but I was wrong. Almost everyone is scared of me or hates me. People are saying I’m dangerous. They’re calling me a freak and a demon.

And I can’t argue with them when I think they might be right.

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