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Book Review: Assassin’s Fate, by Robin Hobb (2017).

The final book to the Fitz and the Fool series, Assassin’s Fate, by Robin Hobb, is a remarkably breathtaking story that had me in genuine tears of sadness and anguish, or laughing hysterically, again with tears, on a number of occasions. This book has given closure to the long journey of Fitz and the Fool, and it is this finality that I think readers will enjoy most. It is a truly fitting ending for two of the most unforgettable characters I have ever had the pleasure to follow.

The book continues the quest to rescue Bee and take revenge on those who have tormented both Bee and the Fool. But they are not alone, having the aid of dragon ships and dragons alike. The tale intertwined with other series written by Robin Hobb and both the Dragons of Kelsingra and their Elderlings as well as the Liveships of Bingtown become participants in what becomes a mission to merely stay alive. It is with the help of these unlikely allies, they are able to bring to an end the evils of the Whites and there Servants.

However, this comes at great cost. There are many casualties and even deaths, each a major blow to both Fitz and the Fool. And it is this loss and sense of survival that forces Fitz to make the decision of sacrifice in order to ensure his daughters safety. Unfortunately for the Fool this doesn’t go as well as planned and a change in circumstance twists fate even further for both himself and Fitz, leaving the novels ending quite heartfelt and unexpected. Even so, the ending is definitely satisfying for those true fans of the series.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Fitz and the Fool series immensely, being unable to put it down once I began. I have always enjoyed Robin Hobbs creations but she has most definitely out done herself with this series and especially in this the final book Assassin’s Fate. I recommend this book to anyone who remotely like fantasy fiction, or anyone who isn’t scared to use a little imagination. Fabulous read, one which I am sure to read over and over again. Well done Robin Hobb. I give this book a rating of 10/10 stars.


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