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Book Suggestions – The Poison Within, by Rachel Marie Pearcy (2019).

This book cover is intriguing if nothing more. Definitely something to take a closer look at 📚👀💡📖⭐️

Book Synopsis

Just like a coin–there are two sides to every story.The Black Queen is known across Kelda for her ruthless heart and wicked nature. Rya has spent years living up to the image people have of her, only to find it threatening to end her life. Accused of a murder she did not commit she is forced to flee her kingdom, and the trained assassin chasing her. With nothing but the clothes on her back, and without the use of her magic, she seeks solace in the one place for people like her–the Ashen Forest.For years Princess Cam has spent her time memorizing the Ashen laws and perfecting her archery, all in preparation for the day her father hands the kingdom down to her. She’s worked hard to be everything that’s expected from her when a chance encounter puts it all to the test. Saving the unconscious queen was an easy choice to make, but dealing with the fallout won’t be as simple.A killer lurking outside the castle walls, a surprise find in the forest, and a lost prince further twist the young women’s lives together. At the end of it all both Rya and Cam will have to confront what lies in their hearts, and decide once and for all what they are willing to fight for.

To check this out on Kindle click here

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