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Book Review: The Betrayal of Ka, by Shea R. Oliver (2015).

Book Review: The Betrayal of Ka, by Shea R Oliver (2015).

This is not something of my normal genre. This is in fact way more sci-fi than I normally read in a year! But as I was asked to review this title I thought I would at least give it the benefit of the doubt. It’s begins with a space adventure setting. A spaceship lands on Earth with the main character intent in the destruction of people with special abilities. Ka, the main character, is fro. Another planet which has decided to invade earth.

The storyline really isn’t my cup of tea. But basically it is well written and has strongly built characters and plot. Political struggles become the centre theme of the story, along with Ka trying to find himself along the way.

I fell that this book is overall written well and would appeal to most sci-fi fans. I would recommend this to the young adult age group and I believe they would find it well worth the read. I give this book a rating of 7/10 stars.


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