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Book Review: Dragon Haven, by Robin Hobb (2010).

Dragon Haven is the astounding second novel in the Rain Wild Chronicles series authored by Robin Hobb. As expected, the author out does herself with what is almost impossible to set down once picked up.

The book begins with the Keepers and their Dragons travelling along the acid river of the Rain Wilds, as Tarman with crew supplies and hunters following along behind. Our favourite characters continue to struggle on with their seemingly impossible expedition, whilst they continue to struggle with their own internal turmoil of different natures.

Thymara would have to be my favourite character so far in this series. She is intelligent and knows her own mind. She has beliefs ingrained into her and this journey has most definitely challenged them in a number of ways. But the fact she has the courage to Satan by her decisions for her own reasons and convictions that make her character most appealing. Thymara is taunted and seduced, yet manages to remain untouched. She not yield to teasing or crude remarks from others of the company of keepers. She simply sticks to her beliefs.

One particular storyline that did surprise me, and I found quite sweet and touching is the one that develops between Carson and Sedric. It could actually be that the pompous Bingtown Traders son, so used to being bought, primped, preened and bullied, has more to him after all. Perhaps had Sedric met someone more like Carson earlier in his life he could have been of completely different man. Instead Heat moulded him in an inferior version of himself.

The storyline is quite fast paced and there is a lot that happens and mostly due to a fantastic twist that causes the expedition to be struck by a freak of nature. Everything changes, and everyone is forced to temporarily forget their seperate life problems, in order to work as a team as a matter of survival. Friends ar lost and love is found. Survival against the odds.

Basically this novel holds everything required to be described as simply brilliant. As with all Robin Hobb novels, I found i easy to immerse and get lost in, finally poking up after an important part to find hours have past. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Dragons and magical fantasy. A little bit of imagination and this book comes to life in ones minds eye. Absolutely awesome read. I give this book a rating of 10/10 stars.


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