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Book Review: Eldest, by Christopher Paolini (2005).

After many dangerous feats, Eragon Shade Slayer is now able to continue his journey to finish his training as a Dragon Rider. But even though he has seemingly one the last battle there is still a war brewing. It is time for the Varden and it’s allies make a plan.

I found this second novel of the Inheritance series to be a little more confusing than the first. Especially with the storyline glittering between Eragon and his cousin Roran. Although with some re-reading it was possible to wrap my mind around the storyline. I feel that perhaps I has expected the storyline to be different to what was on the page which made it seem lacking.

I found that both Eragon and Saphira unable to find the romantic relationships they had hoped for. Although they both grow in wisdom from the experience, and become closer to one another because of it, doesn’t take away the loneliness of the storyline. But I am sure there is a reason for this to be revealed much later in the story.

Overall I found this to be an entertaining read even though I did spend some of my time confused. I recommend this book to anyone who has a love of Dragons and fantasy novels. I give this book a rating of 8.5/10 stars.


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Book Suggestions: The Wizard’s Curse, by Jennifer Ealey 2019).

Both cover and title have me very curious… 🤔🧐😊👀🔥

Could be well worth the look


As civil war spreads through the realm of the sorcerers, the woodwolf become under attack by unknown abductors. When his attempts to prove his loyalty and protect his people go disastrously awry, Sorcerer Prince Tarkyn finds himself distanced from his companions and threatened by a curse.

Trying to save his new people from his vengeful twin brothers, Tarkyn faces pressure from sorcerers and woodfolk alike. Soon, he is drawn in a battle he’s not ready for.

As the curse threatens to corrupt the woodfolk and loyalties around him grow thin, can Tarkyn wield his powers to save his people?

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Reading Suggestions: The Name of All Things, by Jenn Lyons (2019).

This looks like it could be quite good 👍 📚 ⭐️ 👏 💯


You can have everything you want. If you sacrifice everything you believe . . .

Kihrin D’Mon is a wanted man after killing the Emperor of Quur – and not in a good way. So he heads for Jorat, to find the fourth person named in prophesy, who will either save or damn the world.

He meets Janel Theranon, who claims she already knows him. And she wants Kihrin’s help in saving Jorat’s capital from a dragon, who can only be slain with his sword’s magic. Unwittingly, Kirin also finds himself at the centre of a rebellion. One which puts him in direct opposition to Relos Var, his old enemy.

For too long, Janel’s battled the wizard alone – even betraying her ideals to bring him down. However, Var owns one of the world’s most powerful artefacts: the Name of All Things. It bestows knowledge, which Var uses to gain what he wants most. This is now Kihrin D’Mon – and the world may not survive the consequences.

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Reading Ideas: The Bone Ships, by R. J. Baker (2019).

This appears to be book to take a closer look at. Not only recommended by a friend, but also I have seen a lot of good hype on social media 😊



For generations, the Hundred Isles have built their ships from the bones of ancient dragons to fight an endless war. 
The dragons disappeared, but the battles for supremacy persisted. 
Now the first dragon in centuries has been spotted in far-off waters, and both sides see a chance to shift the balance of power in their favour. Because whoever catches it will win not only glory, but the war.

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Reading Suggestions: The Legend of the Kestrel, by Peter Wacht

Light dances with dark, green fire burns in the night, hopes and dreams follow the wind, to fall in black or white.


As his skill in the Talent grows and he learns the ways of the Sylvana, men and women dedicated to protecting the Kingdoms from the Shadow Lord and the Dark Horde, he bears the burden of having to return to the Highlands to reclaim his proper place. He befriends a Highlander who would die for him, struggles with his love for a princess with a mind of her own who will betray him, and tries to piece together the puzzle of his life — while the High King’s assassins, aided by the minions of the Shadow Lord, pursue him.

Thomas discovers that not only must he stand against a High King bent on conquering the Kingdoms, but also the Shadow Lord, a creature of ancient evil who threatens to unleash a time of darkness and sorrow on the land. Thomas is torn by his desire to lead his own life and his duty to a people who view him with suspicion and fear. He knows that doing the right thing will only push him farther away from the life he wants for himself — and closer to his own death.

Does he have the inner strength to accept his fate and free a people that never had any use for him? Can he prevent the Dark Horde from descending on the Kingdoms and extinguishing the light forever? Does he have the courage and skill to stand against the Shadow Lord?

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