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Book Review: Origin, by Dan Brown (2017).

What an adventure! Admittedly I have spent a lot of time confused with this book. Most of the concepts and language way over my head, and way too much to Google and continue to read with fluency. However, as Dan Brown has the knack of doing, he gives readers just enough knowledge to understand the main concepts if read carefully. This is definitely well worth the read. So much so that I believe it to be in the category of his previous novel The Da Vinci Code.

Throughout this novel, readers follow the story of Robert Langdon the infamous professor as he and yet another ”lady friend” enter into a dangerous mission to broadcast their dear friend’s unique announcement to the entire world. With the help of Winston the Super Computer that has capabilities beyond anyone wildest dreams, they are able to show the world what Edmond Kirsch had been trying to tell the world before he is… stopped.

Although much of the novel is filled with problem-solving and jetting across the countryside there is an obvious romance and bromance amongst the main characters. This helps to keep the story flowing when some of the cryptic intelligence spews across the page and increased concentration is required to keep up.

As I have mentioned numerous times I found the overall story confusing as a lot of it was simply beyond my understanding. However, I have to acknowledge that the ideas portrayed have definitely have caused a lot of thought surrounding the questions ”Where did we come from? Where are we going?”.

Overall this has been an interesting and enjoyable read that I believe most fantasy lovers would enjoy. I would recommend this book to the older age group although young adults could find this interesting provided they are set for a challenge. I give this book a rating of 8.5/10 stars.


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