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Book Review: Malice, John Gwynne (2012).

An absolutely fantastic beginning to what is set to be a fabulous series, The Failthful and the Fallen, Malice is the debu novel written by a totally magnificent author John Gwynne. I rate this author up there with those such as Mark Lawrence and Robin Hobb for sure. And I feel that a book really needs to have made an impact to be classed in this category.

Throughout the novel we meet the different people from the different realms of the Banished Lands. Veradis, Kastell , Cywen, Nathair, and many others, all of which are really well written and portrayed throughout the novel. My absolute favourite character would have to be Corban. With his “underdog” persona at the beginning of the book, to watching him mature into himself and eventually grow into a gifted young man who is capable of more than he could ever imagine.

Corban seems to have a way with animals and they become very loyal to him in such a way they protect him from dangers of a variety of sources. His sister Cywen remains at his side along the way, and gives him encouragement, and her belief in him along the way. However, there are many evils at work and most Corban has no clue exist. Envision has set forth a tide that is destined to change the Banished lands as it has always been known.

The book has been written in a way that takes readers into the midst of the story, amongst the chaos and lives of its characters. It Is easy to fall in love with quite a few of them and then become easily hooked on the storyline.

This has been a fabulous read and I can’t wait to begin reading the next. I am overly curious to find out what happens with Corban and his friends and family, as well as to see who remains friend and who foe. Things are sure to be different now. But what exactly does that entail. I would recommend this novel to anyone interested in the fantasy genre. I give this book a rating of 10/10 stars.


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