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Book Review: Ruin, by John Gwynne (2015).

The third book in the series written by John Gwynne has turned out to be an amazing ride in an attempt to fight for the side of good in lands gutted and tortured by evil. Corban finds himself surrounded by enemies and in deep trouble. Cywen likewise has found herself in places she would prefer not to have discovered.

WARNING! SPOILER! I can’t help it to express my happiness at finding Corbin’s beloved Storm still alive. She may be at deaths door. But as long as her heat continues to beat there is still hope. Especially with Brina not far away to help.

The storyline and plot continues to twist and thicken. The Kadoshim are proving to be more and more difficult to thwart and they appear much more devious than I had first thought.

All in all the author has given readers exactly what they are looking for. Blood, death and war. Fidele has become even more central as well as Maquim and things are much more emotional between the characters that we have come to love.

Overall I believe this has been a fantastic read. Again as the previous two books I would have to say Corban and Storm remain my favourite characters through which is good considering the central focus of the novel revolves around them! I would recommend this book to anyone with an interest in fantasy and struggling empires! I rate this book 9/10 stars


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