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Book Ideas: Silver Wolf, by Kate Avery Ellison, 2019

Some book titles and covers can really catch ones eye. This one does just that. I think this could be well worth the read. The second book in The Sworn Saga.


Meredith Rider, known as Red, has been captured once more by Sworn soldiers and taken to the capital of the werewolf empire. There, she is forced to train with a group of other captive girls in the arts and graces of the Chosen, the unlucky human girls whose DNA is compatible with that of werewolves.

In other words–breeders.

Red isn’t about have babies for the enemy. She’s going to escape or die trying.

And her conflicted feelings for the darkly handsome, cruelly cunning Vixor Rae, the Sworn champion of the Alpha who goes by the nickname Silver Wolf, are only going to get in her way.

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