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Book Review: Red Queen, by Victoria Aveyard (2015).

This book is the first in whats set to be an executing series authored by Victoria Aveyard. Red Queen introduces readers to some fantastic characters who live in lands divided by the colour of their blood. In this world, those with Silver blood are Royalty and Nobles, all of which are born with powers that I can only describe a s forms of elemental magic. Those with blood of red are considered as slaves and expendable soldiers in a terrible war that has been ongoing for several generations. Mare Barrow, is a girl with red blood. She is n ‘t meant to have powers, but in an accident that nearly takes her life she learns otherwise.

This storyline thus far has most definitely captured my imagination, as well as my complete attention. I am hooked! The romance between Mare and the Calore brothers is dangerous. Her life amongst them is tenuous at best, and any simple slip could be reason for her disposal.

I feel the story is quite unique in the idea of people of  siIver blood. I think it really gives the story an interesting history to base a war around. Its an interesting division and it looks like it will be quite a challenge to change what looks to have been built on lies and deceit.

Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed this book, spending many late nights reading. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series. Especially to see what will happen next in the world of Mare Barrow. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the fantasy genre. I give this book a rating of 9/10 stars.


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