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Book Review: Glass Sword, by Victoria Avenyard (2016).

The story continues with Mare Barrow at its centre though now having escaped from Maven and the Silver royalty. She is hunted by them still, a long with the disgraced older Calore brother. The red guard continues to grow, along with various other rebel groups, all with the same intent. To destroy those powers of oppression, and rise, red as the dawn.

This book seems to have more romance for Mare compared to its predecessor. Mare had thought she loved Maven, but always believed deep down that she had found a special connection with Cal. Some deeper attraction that she found difficult to walk away from. Again, written as first person, the author has portrayed some exciting and strong characters and given them the opportunity to tell an intriguing story.

I did notice that this addition to the series was a little more drawn out, offering more descriptions of lands and kingdoms. Building up further storylines for future events. This is common in many fantasy series’ however, I don’t feel that it took anything from the storyline itself. Again I have to admit that this series has so far got me hooked. Mare Barrow is such a strong and intriguing character, its hard to stop reading until I know she is safe.

Over all, I have thoroughly enjoyed this book and series. It’s a must read for any one interested in the fantasy genre. I give this book a rating of 9/10 Stars.

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