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Book Review: Saviour, by J. R. Ward (2019).

Saviour is the latest novel in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. After reading all of the others I felt compelled to read it even though I honestly couldn’t imagine there being any more stories without it becoming too like any of its predecessors. I also didn’t believe that there was any more brothers to set up with amazing women. But I had forgotten about Murhder! He finally came free from his mental space, and found a female to love.

As always this was a well written novel expected from J. R. Ward, as well as easy to read. And as always not far into the book I was hooked. The humorous storyline, the dash of romance, and the addition of the Vampire genre is definitley something I can easily lose myself in.

There isn’t a great deal not to like in this book. An easy read, with the perfect amountof Vampirism and romance. I have always enjoyed the quirkiness of the relationships and the challenges they overcome. Great read for those who enjoy Vampire Romance.

Overall I thought Saviour, by J. R. Ward is a great easy to read book that I could easily read again. I recommend this book a rating or 7/10 stars.