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Book Suggestions: The Choice of Magic, Michael G. Manning (2019).

This was recommended to me by a friend. Could be worth checking out 👍👌📚📖


The ancient magic of wizards was anything but dark. It was the enlightenment that lifted humanity from the squalor of superstition, and the worship of fell spirits and capricious gods, but those days are gone. The shining glory of the sorcerers burned away the subtlety of wisdom, replacing it with easy power, held only in the hands of the elite—a new age built upon the elemental supremacy of aristocrats and the ignorance of the masses.

But this will change, for the greatest power comes with knowledge, and the deeper teachings of wizardry have not been utterly lost. The last wizard of the old tradition still survives in solitude, nursing tired grudges and waiting for death.

His passing might have gone unnoticed, but for the imposition of a youth too stubborn to accept his refusal to take an apprentice. With a new student comes new hope, and that hope has caused old powers to stir again. That the world will change is inevitable, but the shape of the future is anything but certain.

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Book Review: Shadowless, by Randall McNally (2017).

This is most definitely a fantastically original novel by an intriguing author. Shadowless is a clever an inventive story based on the idea that Gods are quite evil and have committed so very horrific crimes on the humans over which they preside. One heinous act is to rape mortal women, bringing about children born with magic in their blood, abilities and skills of the God who fathered them. All this bit minus the very important Shadow.

The novel is written in a way that I found to be quite confusing. In a way, it comes across as several different stories only coming together much later in the book. I am honestly unsure if this what caused my attention to drift or if I was merely confused with each tale not constantly coinciding with the last. But once the characters finally meet and unite under a single goal things start to get interesting. Amrodan may not be as genuinely good as he so fantastically portrays.

I found the storyline itself to be exciting and action packed with a number of twists that easily shocked and surprised at each turn. Ultimately the story is original and unique and so is the way it is delivered to readers. I feel that there is much more to this story and there will likely be some great tales to follow on.

Overall I enjoyed this book Shadowless and would recommend it to readers who enjoy fantasy and action. Something a little different to the gods of old. I give this book a rating of 8.5/10 stars.


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Book Recommendations: Sorcery of Thorns, by Margaret Rogerson (2019).

Something about this title made me take a second look. Could be my love of anything remotely fantasy, or the fact my first beloved series which introduced me to the fantasy genre was based around the concept of witchcraft and the learned magic of witches. Whatever the reason, I think it could be worth the read.


All sorcerers are evil. Elisabeth has known that as long as she has known anything. Raised as a foundling in one of Austermeer’s Great Libraries, Elisabeth has grown up among the tools of sorcery—magical grimoires that whisper on shelves and rattle beneath iron chains. If provoked, they transform into grotesque monsters of ink and leather.

Then an act of sabotage releases the library’s most dangerous grimoire, and Elisabeth is implicated in the crime. With no one to turn to but her sworn enemy, the sorcerer Nathaniel Thorn, and his mysterious demonic servant, she finds herself entangled in a centuries-old conspiracy. Not only could the Great Libraries go up in flames, but the world along with them.

As her alliance with Nathaniel grows stronger, Elisabeth starts to question everything she’s been taught—about sorcerers, about the libraries she loves, even about herself. For Elisabeth has a power she has never guessed, and a future she could never have imagined.

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Book Review: Eragon, by Christopher Paolini (2002).

My love of Dragons is what ultimately made my decision to read this novel. It has been on my must read list for a long time, and has been set aside many times for other purposes. However, it is definitely a book that should have been read much sooner! Eragon is most definitely a novel worth reading, delighting readers with adventure and a beautiful story about the relationship between a boy and his Dragon.

The story begins with Eragon, a somewhat average boy on the verge of entering manhood, whom had been raised by his uncle alongside his cousin Roran. However, Eragon’s quiet life quickly changes once he comes in contact with a Dragon’s egg. Deciding to keep the egg, Eragon’s hides and raises Saphira, and soon learns he has been chosen by his dragon the bece a fabled Dragon Rider. It isn’t long before what was first thought to be simply an old storyteller, turns out to be an especially proficient ally. Brom is able to tell Eragon a lot of what he had wondered and not had anyone to ask before.

It isn’t long before the introduction of Urgels and Shades make the adventure begin and our hero’s are driven into a journey that doesn’t necessarily hold their best interests at heart. Frrought with danger at every corner, Eragon, Saphira and Brom attempt feats few have manage to succeed in the past.

What I found to be fascinating in the “warm and fuzzy” realm would have to be the close relationship that is quickly founded between Dragon and rider. There is a deep connection that I feel neither of them truly understand in the beginning but blossoms into something great. I especially love the way Saphira endears him with the title “little one”. It’s double meaning really makes me giggle.

Overall, I feel that this is one of the lighter feel books on terms of Fantasy novels but absolutely worth the read. I have enjoyed this book and recommend this book to anyone who has a love for Dragon’s. I give Eragon by Christopher Paolini a rating of 9/10 stars.


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Book Review: Limited Wish, by Mark Lawrence (2019).

Another outstanding mission full of futuristic notions, time travel, and of course D&D! Mark Lawrence has not disappointed in his second book Limited Wish. Although life has changed somewhat for Nick, he is still a teenage boy just trying to get through life on a day to day basis. His circle of friends rally close and help him as best they can but things continue to get stranger and much more complicated.

As Nick soon realises, once time has been changed there is bound to be a reaction to this action eventually. There was no way this was going to be an easy happily ever after story. In fact it turns out that the future may entail a little love and child if the timeline Nick sees comes together. However, when Demus suddenly arrives yet again although somewhat different from the man he had met 6 months earlier it becomes even more complex as the is now a paradoxical timeline that no one had foreseen happen at all. At least not that Nick realises anyway. How could he? It hasn’t happened to him yet!

I have to admit I found the confusion and humour of Nicks story thoroughly enjoyable. It is always nice to read something as crazy as time travel when it has the humour and imagination of Mark Lawrence to walk things along. I don’t want to give away too much of the storyline as I honestly found this to be an enjoyable read and I think there will be a lot of readers that will enjoy this.

Overall I feel that Limited Wish, as well as its predecessor One Word Kill are well worth the read. Who knew D&D could change they way the future can be enacted or at least influence it? I recommend this novel to anyone young adult onward. I also give a rating of 10/10 stars


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Book Review: One Word Kill, by Mark Lawrence (2019).

A fantastic novel by Mark Lawrence, One Word Kill shows just how influential a game of D&D can be! Especially for the future! The scene is set in 1980s London, when D&D was a big craze and imagination wasn’t on a mobile phone or tablet of some kind. Nick is a teenager and lover of D&D, and he also has Leukemia. Nick plays D&D with his friends every Saturday, and until recently it could be said that nothing really noteworthy has happened to the group. And then Nick became sick and then Demus arrives. Elton, John, Mia, and Simon along with Nick, find themselves in the middle of an event that could potentially change the future.

I have to admit this was not what I had expected from a title authored by Mark Lawrence. However, I found that after only a few pages into the book I was hooked! As always the author plunges into rich characters and portrays them in such a way they quickly become familiar and readers find themselves completely involved in Nick Hayes’ life along with that of his friends. Nick is an awkward teen and his friends are a bunch of oddities themselves, but they love the imaginative and compelling game of D&D brings them all together each Saturday at Simon’s house. The appearance of Demus tips the group off-kilter and all kinds of strange things happen.

Other than the obvious favourite character being Nick (he is a pretty entertaining nerd if I do say so myself), I really enjoyed the role D&D has in the story. The author has not only given readers who have no actual knowledge of the workings of the game and made it seem “cool”. I found myself more often than not reading these parts of the book just for a glimpse at the imaginative stories that they come up with. The whole concept of the future just brings an intriguing twist that had me surprised at every turn.

Admittedly I found the whole time travel thing quite confusing, having to reread sections to understand properly (easier understood the second time around 😜). But that done, the whole concept is quite exciting, hoping Nick is right about the future if he takes on the challenges put in front of him and his friends.

Overall, I have found this utterly intriguing and have loved every minute of Mark Lawrence wit and intense imagination. This book would suit any age group, from young adult up. It definitely has been a journey! I hope that the following novel in this series is just as good. I give this book a rating of 10/10 stars.


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Book Review: Blood of Dragon’s, By Robin Hobb (2013).

In the final novel of the Rain Wild Chronicles series, Robin Hobb has delivered an amazing ending. It may not be the ending many readers had hoped for. However, with many storyline incomplete but with a sense of finality all the same. A perfect way to allow room for future novels.

Many things happen in this book, though all, Sedric’s maturing and changing into a “good” person who isn’t influenced by an evil man determined to use him to his own ends. His relationship with Carson is one of friendship and honesty. The couple continue to grow stronger and as Carson teaches Sedric how to be more independent and able, it just seems to strengthen their relationship further. Finally Sedric is heard by someone, who actually cares about what is saying. He is held by gentleness and kindness. He is finally in a good place.

Another exciting storyline I enjoyed was that of Tintaglia’s fight to live. The book was impossible to put down at this stage, until I had found out what her fate would be. Even then it was difficult not to turn just one more page!

To my delight the story of Reyn, Malta, and Phron is also an incredible read. From birth, Phron struggles to live, and Malta and Reyn struggle along side their son looking to any means for help. This particular storyline is definitely one to tug at the heart strings.

One storyline that finds some kind of a justification and therefore ending is that of Alise and Hest. With Hest supposedly rescuing her and Sedric from some unfathomable fate, finally comes to a confrontation in front of all. This gives both Alise and Sedric the opportunity to tell Hest that they won’t let him continue to dominate them any longer. They wanted nothing to do with him. They face Hest together, Alise denouncing their marriage and Sedric proposing to testify on his unfaithfulness on her behalf. They have both suffered at his hand and now they had found lives away from Hest. Both had found love real love. And Hest learns that real love concours all. Not that it really matters once Kalo becomes up close and comfortable with Hest.

Finally, this book review just wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Thymara, Rapskal and Tats. There has been an ongoing love triangle between the trio throughout this series, and has remained a central storyline. Admittedly, the path which they follow, is much different from what I first envisioned. Thymara endures a variety of dilemma’s and manages to concur them all. But I doubt she would have been able to endure the numerous test without the support of “support” or in some cases “force” that guides and influences Thymara’s ultimate decision, made of her own free will at her own chosen time. Perhaps the best man does get the girl after all!

Overall I have absolutely loved the final novel of the fantastic Rain wild Chronicles series. It has been an adventurous ride from the first and Dragon Blood is no exception. In fact I feel it has been the most compelling of all, causing endless chapters to be read until satisfied I had gotten enough information to be able to close the book. I highly recommend any book authored by Robin Hobb, to even those only remotely interested in the fantasy genre. A chapter in and anyone would be hooked. I give this book a rating of 10/10 stars.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

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Book Review: City of Dragons, by Robin Hobb (2011).

Yet another intriguing tale from the Rain Wilds brought to life by Robin Hobb. This time the struggle of finding Kelsingra is over and they are living just outside the City built for Dragon’s. It is their chance at life in a number of ways, if only they can make it across the river.

The Keepers, travel worn and weary, have made use of abandoned cottages to make homer’s for themselves. They continue to look after the Dragon’s still yet to fly. Thymara, whose Dragon Sinatra can now take to the wing, that she isn’t much required anymore. She has my time to herself, and this means more time to find herself, and make discoveries far beyond what she had imagined.

Hest returns in full form to the storyline. After threats, and injuries by an unknown Chalcedeon man, Hest realises there may be more to Sedric’s trip than he first thought. He also sees it all being Sedric’s fault. He had been happy to be rid of Alise his wife, but the loss of Sedric had become more of a nuisance. With the encouraging words of his father, further threats from the assassin, and failed attempts of removing him, Hest books passage to journey to the Rain Wilds.

Left rib manages to return the Tarman to Cassrick to claim earnings from the exposition as well as to obtain cargo for the return trip. Unfortunately the Traders Council were not as co-operative at they had hoped. Instead Leftrin is bombarded with demands and questions about where they had settled and what they had found there. It is luck and quick thinking that helps him escape with his secrets intact.

My favourite storyline of this book has the be that of Reyn and Malta. Malta’s pregnancy is exciting in itself but the harrowing tale of the birth is even more enthralling. Malta has the opportunity to show how far she has really come since was the little girl spoilt, manipulative and vindictive. What I found most intriguing is that Malta is possessed to go to the Tarman after she makes her escape. Did she know somehow that the live ship could keep the child alive?

All I all, the City of Dragon’s is another amazing title written by one of my most favourite fantasy authors Robin Hobb. I recommend this novel to anyone with a love of Dragons and the fantasy genre. I give this book the rating of 10/10 stars.

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Book Review: Dragon Haven, by Robin Hobb (2010).

Dragon Haven is the astounding second novel in the Rain Wild Chronicles series authored by Robin Hobb. As expected, the author out does herself with what is almost impossible to set down once picked up.

The book begins with the Keepers and their Dragons travelling along the acid river of the Rain Wilds, as Tarman with crew supplies and hunters following along behind. Our favourite characters continue to struggle on with their seemingly impossible expedition, whilst they continue to struggle with their own internal turmoil of different natures.

Thymara would have to be my favourite character so far in this series. She is intelligent and knows her own mind. She has beliefs ingrained into her and this journey has most definitely challenged them in a number of ways. But the fact she has the courage to Satan by her decisions for her own reasons and convictions that make her character most appealing. Thymara is taunted and seduced, yet manages to remain untouched. She not yield to teasing or crude remarks from others of the company of keepers. She simply sticks to her beliefs.

One particular storyline that did surprise me, and I found quite sweet and touching is the one that develops between Carson and Sedric. It could actually be that the pompous Bingtown Traders son, so used to being bought, primped, preened and bullied, has more to him after all. Perhaps had Sedric met someone more like Carson earlier in his life he could have been of completely different man. Instead Heat moulded him in an inferior version of himself.

The storyline is quite fast paced and there is a lot that happens and mostly due to a fantastic twist that causes the expedition to be struck by a freak of nature. Everything changes, and everyone is forced to temporarily forget their seperate life problems, in order to work as a team as a matter of survival. Friends ar lost and love is found. Survival against the odds.

Basically this novel holds everything required to be described as simply brilliant. As with all Robin Hobb novels, I found i easy to immerse and get lost in, finally poking up after an important part to find hours have past. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Dragons and magical fantasy. A little bit of imagination and this book comes to life in ones minds eye. Absolutely awesome read. I give this book a rating of 10/10 stars.


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Book Review: The Dragon Keeper, by Robin Hobb (2009).

Robin Hobb has not disappointed her readers with the novel – The Dragon Keepers, with a mixture of new and old characters, taking what are already epic fantasy series and adding yet another. There were many stories left incomplete after the Liveship Traders series. Readers were most curious to find out what would happen to the Sea Serpents, and the overall fate of the Dragons. The Rain Wild Chronicles is an intersecting series to follow this storyline whilst dazzling readers with new twists and characters that continue to keep readers at the edge of the seats.

The Story begins with some familiar names and places. The Dragon’s have cocooned in their logs and it is almost time for them to emerge. Tintaglia remains a presence along the Rain Wild River and so are the Liveship. All of this readers are aware fo the Liveship Traders series, earlier authored by Robin Hobb. But this time, Bingtown is not the centre stage for events and nor are the Liveship. Focus is now on Trehaug and Cassrick, and finding a place known as Kelsingra.

Readers meet some interesting new characters right from the beginning. Thymara and Tats, both from Trehaug are outsiders. Thymara is touched by the Rain Wilds quite severely and has been since birth. And though it is custom to allow births of such a nature to come to a quick demise, Thymara’s father decided that his only child to be born alive deserves a chance at life. Tats is different as he is a child of one of the slaves who had made the transition to Trehaug from Bingtown, in the attempt to create a new life. His mother had abandoned him, but he had managed to survive with help from other Freed Slaves who had also moved home.

Another character that I find interesting is Alise. Her character is central to the story in that she travels to the Rain Wilds to study Dragons. However, the whole scenario of marrying into a loveless marriage in order to make a deal that allows her to travel is quite… sad. Alise basically sells herself to her husband Hest. Unfortunately it turns out she has need up with the rough end of the bargain.

As always, Robin Hobb has produced an awesome storyline that begins with the emergence of Dragon’s into the world once, more and the eventual reality of what that actually means. It looks as though there will be a lot of change to Trehaug and Bingtown as well as for its residence. Nothing will ever be quite the same again.

Overall, The Dragon Keeper is a fantastic novel filled with adventure and magic that really captures the imagination. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy novels especially anyone who finds Dragons alluring. I give this book a rating of 10 out of 10 stars. This is set to be the beginning of yet another fantastic series by the Queen of Fantasy, Robin Hobb.