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Book Review: The Wicked King, by Holly Black (2019).

The Wicked Kng by Holly Black is the second book in the Folk of the Air series, and an absolutely fantastic read. The all mortal Jude has managed to crown her enemy Cardan High King of Faerie and convinced her sister Vivi to take their younger brother Oak to give him a chance at the childhood her and her sisters never had. What isn’t commonly known is that Cardan has fallen prey to a trick of Jude’s and in fact she has him under her complete control.

This book continues Jude’s quest to rule faerie using Carda until such time as Oak comes of age and is able to take over the throne. but things are so far from what they appear to be, and Jude finds a variety of challenges set in her path. Such threats include those old and new, like the threat from the Undersea and the feelings she finds herself developing unavoidable for Cardan.

As always the Faerie is full of tricks and tragedies, but also excitement and daring. Jude is atthe centre of all of these things and she manages to survive with the majority of her dignity intact. Even though those such as Locke would love nothing more to make her feel irrelevant.

Again, this book is elegantly written with prose befitting the faerie. The characters are well written and its easy to follow and understand, givin readers an opportunity to create images of them in their minds eye. The storyline remains unique and has had me wishing there wa s’more time to read!

Overall, I believe this book is a brilliant 2nd novel in the series. It is a great read and highly recommend it to anyone interested in the fantasy genre, especially if you like the idea of the faerie and all thy they entail. I give this book a rating of 9.5/10 stars.

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Book Review: Nightblood, by Elly Blake (2018).

The third and final novel in the series, Nightblood brings an interesting and adventurous. Ruby brings the eventual peace to both the home lands of Firebloods and Frostbloods. Thanks to one brave woman and the two men who love her.

I found this series to be a fantastic read and worth the late nights spent on the book. I would recommend this book to young adult readers, and older with interest in the epic fantasy genre. I give this book a rating of 7.5/10 stars.

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Book Review: Fireblood, by Elly Blake (2017).

I really enjoyed the storyline Ruby has with her suitors. This love triangle makes an amusing secondary storyline, but her choice is somewhat a strange one. I thought her choice in men was quite horrible. And Ruby continues to rationalize his behavior, forgiving him and their somewhat toxic romance continues. But when it comes to relationships, each to their own I guess.

Overall I found this book an interesting read. The magic use and great way its used has kept me reading. I recommend this book to all age groups who enjoy epic fantasy. I give this book a rating of 7/10 stars.

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Book Review: Frostblood, by Elly Blake (2017).

Frostblood: The Frostblood Saga Book One by Elly Blake - Books ...

This is the story of Ruby and her journey to change the world. Ruby, a Fireblood, who lives in the lands ruled by Frostbloods, finds herself an imprisoned orphan after soldiers kill her mother and take her away for questioning. Just as all hope seems to be lost, Ruby is rescued by what appears to be Frostblood monks. Which is just the beginning of many challenges Ruby has to face. Thankfully she finds friends to help her along the way.

I enjoyed the storyline of Ruby. She is a very strong female character. I love the way she takes charge of situations even though she doesn’t really have the power to do so! She simply makes a decision and sticks to it. The book is written in an easy to read style, and becomes quite a page turner the further along in the book you get.

Overall, I feel Frostblood is a fantastic beginning to an epic fantasy story that has made me eager to read the next book. I recommend this book to the young adult fantasy lovers and older. I give this book a rating of 7.5/10 stars.

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Book Review: Glass Sword, by Victoria Avenyard (2016).

The story continues with Mare Barrow at its centre though now having escaped from Maven and the Silver royalty. She is hunted by them still, a long with the disgraced older Calore brother. The red guard continues to grow, along with various other rebel groups, all with the same intent. To destroy those powers of oppression, and rise, red as the dawn.

This book seems to have more romance for Mare compared to its predecessor. Mare had thought she loved Maven, but always believed deep down that she had found a special connection with Cal. Some deeper attraction that she found difficult to walk away from. Again, written as first person, the author has portrayed some exciting and strong characters and given them the opportunity to tell an intriguing story.

I did notice that this addition to the series was a little more drawn out, offering more descriptions of lands and kingdoms. Building up further storylines for future events. This is common in many fantasy series’ however, I don’t feel that it took anything from the storyline itself. Again I have to admit that this series has so far got me hooked. Mare Barrow is such a strong and intriguing character, its hard to stop reading until I know she is safe.

Over all, I have thoroughly enjoyed this book and series. It’s a must read for any one interested in the fantasy genre. I give this book a rating of 9/10 Stars.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

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Book Review: Red Queen, by Victoria Aveyard (2015).

This book is the first in whats set to be an executing series authored by Victoria Aveyard. Red Queen introduces readers to some fantastic characters who live in lands divided by the colour of their blood. In this world, those with Silver blood are Royalty and Nobles, all of which are born with powers that I can only describe a s forms of elemental magic. Those with blood of red are considered as slaves and expendable soldiers in a terrible war that has been ongoing for several generations. Mare Barrow, is a girl with red blood. She is n ‘t meant to have powers, but in an accident that nearly takes her life she learns otherwise.

This storyline thus far has most definitely captured my imagination, as well as my complete attention. I am hooked! The romance between Mare and the Calore brothers is dangerous. Her life amongst them is tenuous at best, and any simple slip could be reason for her disposal.

I feel the story is quite unique in the idea of people of  siIver blood. I think it really gives the story an interesting history to base a war around. Its an interesting division and it looks like it will be quite a challenge to change what looks to have been built on lies and deceit.

Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed this book, spending many late nights reading. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series. Especially to see what will happen next in the world of Mare Barrow. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the fantasy genre. I give this book a rating of 9/10 stars.


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Book Review: This is going to Hurt, by Adam Kay (2017)

This is the first novel authored by British doctor, turned comedian Adam Kay. As he explains, the book is a collection of journal exerts derived from his own personal reflection of his days as a doctor. It gives a very clear and correct image of what can and actually does happen in main stream hospitals and other areas where health care professionals spend their days providing health care to those in need.

The fact I am still a practicing registered Nurse gave the book a lot of its appeal to me. Not to mention the raving review given by the nurse colleague whom suggested I give the book a go! Other than the obvious, I found this book funny and revealing, giving a great view to non- health care workers a fabulous look into what in some cases is a foreign concept. I also feel the extra information included in the footnotes is exceptional allowing all readers to have a basic understanding of what they are reading.

Over all this book has been an excellent read and is well worth checking out. No medical background required! I would recommend this book who likes a good laugh and has the stomach for some quite icky occurrences! I give this book a rating of 8/10 stars.


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Reading Suggestions: The Queen of Nothing, by Holly Black (2019).

This looks good. I have heard a lot of things about this author. It could be worth taking a look.


After being pronounced Queen of Faerie and then abruptly exiled by the Wicked King Cardan, Jude finds herself unmoored, the queen of nothing. She spends her time with Vivi and Oak, watching reality television, and doing odd jobs, including squaring up to a cannibalistic faerie.

When her twin sister Taryn shows up asking a favour, Jude jumps at the chance to return to the Faerie world, even if it means facing Cardan, who she loves despite his betrayal. When a dark curse is unveiled, Jude must become the first mortal Queen of Faerie and break the curse, or risk upsetting the balance of the whole Faerie world.

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Reading Suggestions: Minor Mage, by T. Kingfisher (2019).

This looks like an interesting read. Could be worth checking out further! 📚📖⭐️👍👌😊


Oliver was a very minor mage. His familiar reminded him of this several times a day.

He only knew three spells, and one of them was to control his allergy to armadillo dander. His attempts to summon elementals resulted in nosebleeds, and there is nothing more embarrassing than having your elemental leave the circle to get you a tissue, pat you comfortingly, and then disappear in a puff of magic. The armadillo had about wet himself laughing.

He was a very minor mage.

Unfortunately, he was all they had.

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Book Review: Boy, Swallows, Universe, by Trent Dalton (2018).

I recieved this book as a Christmas gift, and although its not of my usual genre I found myself quite interested. It tells the story of a young boy named Eli and his life in 1983 in Australia. unfortunately Eli doesn’t have the best experience growing up. His brother is mute. He doesn’t know his father. His mother is a drug addict, who ends up partnering with her boyfriend and dealing Her o i ne to support themselves and her two children. Not exactly the best family life. The story describes what life is like and how del v i ng
i n to the life of convicted criminals past and present.

What I liked about the book?

I feel this is a unique storyline, though admittedly not of my usual genre so I am not entirely sure how correct my assumption really is. But in itself, this was what had me turning pages, constantly needing
to know if things will become worse or better for Eli and his defective family. The author has portrayed some really interesting characters, and sends them forth on a journey that could easily lead to ruin. Thankfully our characters are much stronger than the predicaments they find themselves in.

What I didn’t like

There really wasn’t a great deal not to like in this novel. Great characters and fascinating storyline. The author has definitley done his research about prison and used references in some interesting ways in portraying life for people who live behind bars.


Admittedly, I have enjoyed this Novel from a great new author. Trent Dalton is def in itley one author to keep an eye out for. I would recommend this novel to all fiction book lovers. Especially those who spent their childhood in NSW Australia. I give this book a rating of 7 /10 stars.